Prophetic Features


"A Word to the USA"
from Australian Prophet Robert Holmes

"Unlimited Expectations"
Through John Garlington

Through Stephen W. Morris

"Into His Triumph"
Through Pam Clark

"The Trumpet Prophetic Bulletin"
By Bill and Marsha Burns

Prophetic Word given through Mrs. Anton Sawyer at
The Prophetic Alliance Meeting - 3/20/98

"Though Shipwrecked..."
By Prophetess Teresa Seputis

"Hear and Obey"
Through Deborah L. Simpson

"A Prophetic Warning"
by Pastor/Prophetess Marsha Burns


"A New Word to Leaders"
by Pastor Jana Alcorn

"Ministers, Remember..."
Contributed by Shelleymae Bartlett

"Prepare Your Habitations"
by Meri Burlingame

"What If?"
Contributed by Debbie Denise Crawford

"Effectual Doors"
by Pastor Jana Alcorn

"A Time for Experience"
by Pastor Jana Alcorn

"Is this a Picture of the Church???"
By Andrew Strom


Healing Is
By Pam Clark

Relationship Help
By Pam Clark

Qualifying Marriage Relationships
By Pam Clark

Strange Birds
By Pam Clark

"Apostles and Prophets"
A Commentary by Bill Hawkins

"The Perfect Will of God"

"If You Love Me..."
By Pam Clark

"Don't Attack Yourself!"
By Pam Clark

"Why Are You Going?"
By Paris Reidhead

"Be Not As Children"
By Gary Carpenter

"Breaking Out of Trouble"
By Pam Clark

"First Things First" (Intercession)
By Pam Clark

"Dirtballs for Jesus"
By Bryan Hupperts


"The Power of Choice"
By Juanita Price

"God Won't Ask"
Contributed by Diane Bachman

"Orchard of God"
Through Cheryl Cranston

"I Am Defined by the Great I Am"
Through Apostle Tim Early

"Faithful Is He Who Has Promised"
by John E. Zoller
Contributed by Cochrane Garth

"Living Waters"
by Susan O'Neal

"Prayer for the Children"
by Sandra L. Shavers

"Join the Army!"
By Robert Yborra

"The Earth is the Lord's!"
by Donna Cox

"Pam's Prayer"
by Pam Clark

"My Girl"
by Robert Yborra