An Appreciated Warning Prophecy
by Marsha Burns

April 28, 1998:

I bring a warning today that some of you have set My servants up as idols in the temple.

You have bowed down to My prophets, and you have even become name-droppers.

You spend more time in reading and listening to the words of the prophets than you spend in My Word.

You speak more about the prophets than you do of Me. This is a great evil in the land.

Some are trying to make themselves great and establish their own names among the brethren because of their lust for acceptance and power.

Some have couched their own doctrinal issues and concepts in prophetic utterances and thereby tainted the word of God. Do not be blinded by idolatry.

Do not blindly accept a prophecy just because you recognize the name of the prophet. Rather judge it by the Spirit--discern whether or not it is the pure word of God.

Marsha Burns
Faith Tabernacle Church