Luke 18:8 ......"Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

My Girl

I want a pure and spotless Bride
That's not raped by the world
I want a Virgin--undefiled
Because that's My kind of Girl.

I want her eyes to sparkle
Like crystal in the sun
Because her heart's so pure as I draw near
Both our hearts---they beat as one.

I don't want her defiled
Or enslaved in any way
But I want her free and full of joy
Expecting our wedding day.

I want her to trust Me fully
Knowing of My love for her
That within My arms she would feel safe
Her future settled and secure.

I want her to be provided for
By Me--no other man
For you see--I'm really jealous
When I think of her--that's how I Am.

I don't want her so distracted
That she takes no time for Me
Thinking someday --- she'll marry Me.

For the one for Me--She's watching
She's waiting expectantly
She's writing letters--sending kisses
Perfumed--in prayer--you see.

She's the fairest one of all--My love
And she's only eyes for Me
She seem to think--I hung the moon
And that I did--you see.

She's patient, kind, and gentle
She's soft spoken--full of love
She's a Daddy's girl--I do believe
And that's the one I love.

Her heart's established in My love
Unwavering is She
No matter who says what to her
She always--believes Me.

Yes--I think She's special
She sure has an attitude
Unbelief has met its match
And with her----it's sure to lose.

She sure is temperamental
In a special kind of way
But that's "MY GIRL"--I've nickednamed "FAITH"


1997 Robert Yborra


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