There are some of you here who have been feeling frustrated in your relationship with Me.

You feel like you have somehow fallen backwards and are not as close as you once were.

You cannot feel the depths of intimacy with Me that you are used to.

Or, you are one who knows how to hear My voice but lately it has been a struggle to hear Me clearly and correctly.

And you have been puzzled and you have been crying out to Me and asking Me what happened.

You have searched your heart for iniquity, but found none.

You have asked Me to show you what is wrong (intending to change it) but I have shown you nothing.

You desire to meet Me on My terms, but you don't know what I require of you right now.

Know this.. things are NOT as they seem.

I am not angry,
I am not displeased,
I am not far away.

There is been an onslought in the spirit world, an increase of enemy resistance.

His desire is to cause distance between you and I, and he is trying to convince you of nonexistant problems.

Things may not go right, things may not go smoothly, but that is not necessarily an indication of My displeasure.

For, indeed, I am NOT displeased with you...

There will be times when you struggle to maintain that intimacy with Me.

There will be times when you make mistakes in hearing My voice.

Yes these things will happen.

But that does not mean that I am far from you.

It does not mean that I am displeased with you.

It does not mean that you have been disqualifed.

For there are times when the storms must come. There are times when the waves will billow and toss your little boat to and fro..

Just as Paul's boat was tossed as he sailed to Rome, there will be times when you are shipwrecked.

But if you are faithful to pray and keep your eyes on Me despite the circumstances, then I will give you the lives of those around you just as I gave Paul the men on his boat when he prayed.

And I will work my glory in the situation, doing signs and wonders, as I did on the island of Malta and advance My kindgom through you.

Be patient when things seem to go wrongly.

Keep your heart fixed on Me.

Continue to be faithful in all that you know to do, and you will see My kingdom and My glory surround you.

You will see my purposes fulfilled through you.

For I am determined to use you and that does not always mean that things will go well for you.

But if you are patient and dedicated, you will see My glory break through.

So do not give up or be discouraged.

Persist in what I have shown you and ignore the accusations of the enemy.

For I have not disqualifed you, and I will lead you through this valley into the heights of My glory.

Prophecy received Thursday, 30 Apr 1998 by Teresa Seputis

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