Qualifying Marriage Relationships

by Pam Clark

So you think you have met "the one"? And this relationship has potential. And you want it to be God, and you think it might be God, but how do you know for sure?

I have been single for a number of years and have experienced several times of thinking and wondering if this is "the one." I have had ups and downs and tearful nights and joyful highs. I've cried, begged, and pleaded and strutted my stuff with my latest how-to's and know-how's! I have had my heart broken and broken a few. Been there?

Some of my best advice which you should get in any Singles and Marriage Preparation course is to study to show yourself approved by God with what His requirements are, because for the real Christian, there are Three people involved in the marriage covenant.

You need to know that people aren't the answers to your problems, you must be secure in your relationship with God and yourself first. Only then can you work toward a meaningful relationship with another person. You must have a solid foundation in yourself to be able to walk and work with someone else. And yes, I said "work," because life involves work, in fact it is a work!

We are co-laborers with God in His work and we humans from the beginning were given the assignment before the Fall to guard and tend the Garden of Life. The assignment hasn't changed, the work is just harder now because we have to work also to overcome the dominion of sin. But through Jesus, we can do it, because of what He did through the work of the Cross.

Added to the assignment of keeping and tending our planet, we are also reconciliators and ambassadors to the lost for God's Kingdom. We have an added assignment now in the earth.

God intended from the beginning of creation for us to have mates and this is such a sensitive area and it sometimes seems so little is done to help others. Because it has been hard for me to understand, I told God that when I did in a way that I knew to be secure and of Him, that I would share it.

There is much that could be shared on, but right now I want to list at least twelve things that are like a test, so to speak, or qualifiers for a healthy and true marriage relationship in the Lord. If we are unequally yoked and invite sin into our lives, we only invite the spirit of death and destruction. God hates divorce, so these admonitions are important and should be well meditated upon before entering into a binding covenant lifetime relationship in God.