Relationship Help

I wish this had been here for me!

Dear Pam,

I have a strange request to ask from you, but right now, I am not able to totally see in the prophetic as I need to. I am not sending this letter to you and asking in the sense that you are "psychic." I do know and understand the difference in the two.

There is a young lady I have known for about a year who lives in one state and I live in another quite some distance away. I am madly in love with her and would love to be with her. God has given me numerous prophecies concerning her and this situation and I would like to ask if God would speak to you about this issue in my life. I have never been able to love someone before. She is my angel and I do love her deeply.

If there is any way at all that you can give me any word on this at all, I would greatly appreciate it. I receive your newsletter and I do enjoy it.

Thank you very much,



A Quick Note From Pam to the Reader: This letter means a lot to me as I have seen a huge neglect of dealing with these issues in the Church. Is it any wonder Christians look and act like the world in these matters? Christians' divorce rate is no different than the world and they have no real role models because they are kicked if they are down for not being the "perfect couple," as if such a thing exists!

To be quite bold, there was a recent news article about a famous couple in Christian music that said: "People are still buying their albums even though this couple is getting a divorce!" Like Shock! Like these people are no longer part of the Body of Christ and have never given anything to the Body that still deserve our support. I was appalled and did write a response letter. In studying what I could, I found one member of that marriage most definitely went the way of the carnal world. Can Light walk with Darkness? Why punish the one who held on to their integrity??? What counselor could they go to? Why, the burden of the "world" was on them to "perform" and "to be." Oh these hypocritical ministers who want show and not Christ!!!

I myself have needed help and counsel in these areas and to be honest, my best friends and ministers only talked behind my back and mocked. Satan loves to destroy the mystery of Christ and the Church and pollute it. I had to discover what I wrote in the response here: that Satan promises everything and delivers nothing. People who will not enter into life, with the good and the bad and the difficult, will either not live long or not end up in Heaven. I believe that with all my heart.

I get letters and prayer requests frequently from both men and women wondering why and what is wrong with their marriages. "They just left!" they cry, "I don't understand why God doesn't make them line up and act right!" Or even sadder, "My mate (sometimes a minister) acts one way in church and totally different at home. In public it looks like all is well, while home is living hell and degredation."

Well, it's because marriage is a choice! Salvation is a choice. And it's a day to day choice with a whole lot of grace. So is marriage. Sadly, God can put two people together but if one chooses adultery or sin, is that God's fault?

When people do not serve one another but only expect the perks and the blessings, they are set up for disappointment. I have sent gifts and prayer requests and called prayer lines NUMEROUS TIMES myself for ministry in these areas only to find not one bit of help. If anything, you are treated like it's a dispensible thing or you are stupid when you are trying to line your whole life up with God's mate for His will in your LIFE.

And if television preachers are reading this, I am TIRED of your good preaching on "faith" with exhortations to call in for help and finding people on prayer lines who are not and cannot live up to what YOU preach!!! THEY ARE FULL OF DOUBT AND UNBELIEF OR ARE ROBOTS WITH THEIR LITTLE COUNSELOR BOOKS BECAUSE IT'S NOT IN THEIR HEARTS! AND YOU PREACH FAITH??? You are not mentoring them and reaching YOUR FLOCK and STAFF, or YOU ARE PREACHING LIES!!!!

I am SO SICK of HYPE in MINISTRIES. Lest I get off the subject, here is my response to this precious man who wants God's best will for his life and who treated me, as a minister and prophet, with respect.

I pray that God gives him and you who are reading this the joy of your life.


Dear J.,

All I can say is study what God's Word has to say about marriage. If it is of Him, it will line up according to the Word. If it is just emotion and/or lust of the flesh (things that attract you) then things will not line up properly. I also suggest reading books on marriage and marriage preparation and problems because if you have an idealistic view of marriage, thinking "love will overcome all offenses" then that is unrealistic. Real offenses with forgiveness takes work and it happens in marriage. People also can change drastically. You did not say one word about her point of view which makes me wonder how she feels about all this.

I know this is a very sensitive issue and most in the church will not even address these deep matters of the heart and it has grieved me when I have had problems. You want the person who will bring out God's will of ministry for your life, not the one who holds it back and puts limitations on it.

All this will help whether she is the one or is not the one for you - it will prepare you. The devil promises everything and gives nothing. God gives us challenges to become more like Him and share in His Love.

There is sacrifice and there is His Spirit of joy as reward, the foretaste of the future glory and in the here and now. I hope I have helped. I know it is not easy. Thank you for your letter.

All His Best,

Pam Clark