Prophetic Word given through
Mrs. Anton Sawyer at
The Prophetic Alliance 3-20-98

O My Children, be not discouraged--neither let the enemy disillusion you. What I have promised, says the Lord, will surely come to pass. But the enemy has put a blindfold on many of My people, says the Lord. My people are groping around as blind. I will remove the blindfold--My people are not blind. Satan has made you believe you canít see. Satan has made you believe you canít hear.

But I say to My children, See and hear what My Spirit is saying. I will direct your footsteps. You need not fear. Do not think you will make a mistake, for even in mistakes Iím able to turn it around for good.

If you heart is right before Me, says the Lord, where the enemy has meant something for leanness, I will turn it around for blessing. Do not devise plans in you own mind, but let Me, says the Lord, drop into your spirit My plan. For My plan, I will make provision. Your plan will struggle.

So itís not by might, itís not by power, itís going to be by My Spirit, says the Lord. I have ways that your mind canít even conceive of says the Lord. I have used such simplistic things to speak to My people--to speak to the wicked. Just the handwriting on the wall, and terror gripped a king, and judgment was released. Just a hornetís nest sent into the enemy, and they fled. Just and angel under My instruction, and when My children arrived, the battle had already been won.

Iím the God of the impossible, says the Lord. Donít look at the troubled waters, but look at My Word, which has promised: Weíre going across to the other side. Set not your heart on silver and gold. Set your heart on Me, says the Lord, and I will supply the silver and the gold. Set your affections on things above and the rest shall follow. Your needs will be met. I will make a way where there is no way, and even in the desert, there will be streams of living water.

If for a season you find yourself being stretched, toughened up, Iím building into you endurance that will not waver, that will not be overcome, but that will say that no matter what the circumstance, My God is able to do abundantly above what I ever dreamed or hoped for.

And My Children, sometimes, I do a thing slowly; sometimes I do it so suddenly that you that you are almost shocked at the suddenness. Donít hasten Me or slow Me down, says the Lord. Just prepare your heart and be ready.

If I take time, instead of an eleven day journey, it seems like a forty year journey, there are reasons you do not understand fully yet, but there will be victory in the end. And as the prophet said, ďKing, by tomorrow this time there will be more food than anyone can cope with or handle.Ē For I will send, and the Lord sent a noise that terrified the enemy that had encamped round about Samaria, but the next day, they had more than they could handle. Thatís My suddenness.

And when I take time with you, remember their shoes never wore out and they never went hungry. Iíll make provision. So let not your heart be discouraged. Donít look at the problem, but look at the God who said: With Me, nothing is impossible.

You need finance to pay Caesar? I will send the fish with the money in the mouth. And your heart says: O Lord, how is that going to happen? Leave it to Me, says the Lord, I will show you. I have ways you have not even considered. Have I not said in My Word that I have things stored up for you that have not even entered into your imagination? I have given you just what you can comprehend, but there is much more. I will open your understanding. I will remove scales off your eyes. I will circumcise your ears to hear more acutely and you will hear what My Spirit is saying.

And the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus, will give you the boldness to step out and do that which you, in the natural, feel is impossible. I go ahead and I make the crooked way straight and I call you to walk on a holy highway. The redeemed are on this highway, and I watch over them. Troubled, harassed, but not overcome. Not overcome, but overcomers of every situation. For I will give you testimonies where you will glorify Me, says the Lord, of deliverances.

In Jesusí Name, Amen.