Words Of Wisdom for Ministry
Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

A minister who REALLY cares about souls will care for the whole person, because that is the point of salvation - wholeness: spirit, soul and body. I question ministers who only have one message that is purely specialized and collects funds. Anyone can learn a skill but God touches the HEART for the WHOLE person.

If you don't care WHY Jesus incredibly suffered and died, then you don't really know Him. I am not one that likes to focus on just suffering. Some do seem to do that. I like the joys and rewards of faith. But to know the whole story is to know the whole Person.

People say they care about abortion but if you really do, are you reaching out to the mothers? I mean, WHY are they in the position they are in to consider it? Aren't they the ones making the choices? If a mother values her life, she will value the life of her child. Selah.

Applying the Love of God is important for any minister. To really do it authentically, you have to KNOW God and His Son Jesus. When it's about marketing more than relationship, then anyone can do it. And so that is not authentic and that will be seen when the testing times come. But the test is to qualify you for eternal life, yes?

Until Love is returned to the Church, church is just an institution. And the world today can see that is easy to chip away. Love is more than just a sweet social club. Love knows how to go to prayer for injustices and win.

A minister without passion is probably a hireling. A minister without zeal could be in the wrong crowd if he feels shot down. Like Oral Roberts said, "Guard your anointing at all costs." It's the key. Jesus won His souls through the anointing.

The disciples were not in a school room learning Bible passages. They were already indoctrinated with the text of their day. The difference for them is that they were in the Presence of one who carried and shared His authority. It makes ALL the difference! Do you see disciples like that today?

When you go and make disciples, you make students, not just rulers. It's all about the heart's attitude. People fight for their own rulership when they feel oppressed and they learn just enough to get their own "safe" position or bail out. If they bail out, they may have their own calling or they are learning the lessons. No one wants to lose or not have choices.

The disciples learned His ways, not just His acts. That was the discipling of the disciples. God makes it so you have to work enough so that you will hold on when challenged. A teachable spirit knows how to give and be flexible and test. You will even learn through your mistakes in a faithless generation, just as His disciples did too. Jesus prays that our faith fails not!!!

Why is there an anti-Anointing spirit? Because the Anointing is the power of God to win souls and do exploits for the Body. It's a battle for everyone, but remember Jesus is the Christ, or the Anointed One. His Love for others and for God changed the world. He knew the Kingdom He was of.

A lot of people understand power but they do not understand love. It can be like a man giving a woman flowers - to the man it seems foolish and a waste of money, but she likes it. It ministers love and comfort and beauty to her. It feeds her gift. He gives it, and she rewards him with what he needs. So is the Kingdom of God. Give God what He wants and He will reward you.

The Kingdom of God is not about a self-exalted Bride. There is more to her life than dress up, even though to a degree looks matter but the heart matters much more. The heart is where faithfulness and love are. The Bride of Christ is the Proverbs 31 woman. She is a Companion in the Work, and she serves because she wants to. Jesus doesn't want to just babysit, He wants to share His Life.

People who live in fear think accountability is for control. People who live in love run to the Light to be pleasing to their Maker because they are confident in the Love. When people perceive that Love is real, they will run to give. But the source is in Jesus and He must be honored because He is REAL. This is not man's invention.

MANY ministries are HURTING broke right now, but it is because they are disjointed. In the true Body, every joint supplies. And we are talking about a lot more than finances! Right now the spirit of greed and pride and arrogance has defiled the flow of the joints.

God's shaking is to shake off what is not of Him. It's sad that it has to be so violent at times. But if you develop a Kingdom connection with Heaven, much evil can be avoided through prayer. God thinks "souls" (people) and "Kingdom" (His Lifestyle).

Wrong preaching will sometimes come across like God does not care about what He does care about! Jesus wants mature Love, not insulting Love. Maturity can be misunderstood in children, but the spirit of Love carries them through. Love can be firm and Life affirming for all.

I like what I heard recently at our Oak Initiative meeting here. Someone said that we are a Chrisitan nation when we can pray in Jesus' name and let others worship (peacefully for all) the way they want. But the minute we cannot pray in Jesus' Name, we are no longer a Christian nation. Selah.

In the Old Testament times, life was not so much a civilized society, so God had to speak harshly and act harshly to get His points across. It can seem rough and cruel to the civilized society and some want to doubt God over that. Some defy and challenge Him over not understanding. Pray for them. God WILL correct our understandings, His way.

That does not mean we are not fighting an anti-Anointing too! We are dealing with (1) God's Holy Spirit , (2) the human spirit and (3) the devil spirit. We need to know the differences and how our choices can make a difference without fearing.

God is not worried about the end times because He sees victories! The devil is concerned because he fears his defeat! Don't let fear snare you if you can help it! And you can, by sharing what is right and good.

These shakings will draw the believers together like a magnet and the anointing will be His. Collectively our corporate faith will redeem the earth.

(2 Corinthians 4:6 KJV) For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

(Habakkuk 2:14 KJV) For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

Don't you want to live in that? It's up to us to hasten the Day of His coming Presence!

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