by Pam Clark

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Whew! If I have had prayer cover this week, I would sure hate to find out what it was like without it! Many would say, "Physician, heal thyself" when it may not be the plan of the Physician to be healed!

No one (with a clear mind) wants pain, sorrow and trouble, but sometimes that is just what you get and so you must deal with it.

Since that does not fit the comfort zone of others, they will be quick to put you in a box from their at-the-moment comforts and declare your problems for all the world to see and criticize! Well, Job had friends like that...

Humiliation has raised its ugly head and is trying to call those things that are not as though they are by its perverted faith. Like I said, if your life is comfortable, skip this one...

There is an aggressive battle going on and warfare does not come on your personal schedule always... (Is that on my Daytimer Schedule??? - joke) Some things you can't even talk about when you are going through them because you don't want to hurt the tender plants.

And then there are others who refuse to understand why you can't be comfortable with less than what they have! So YOU MUST have something wrong with you!!! Yet, they like your strength! (Go figure, as a friend of mine once said...)

Is the focus our comfort zone or the Kingdom? You can join the Good Old Boys Club where the elite are in charge and anyone out of order is considered suspect and condemned. But if you look in your wake and find others getting blessed, don't believe the evil report!

There are many who cannot understand the tender things. They can't understand that you have feelings just like they do but are in different circumstances. You should just be happy in the box they have created for you because it makes ~them~ comfortable!

And that is what you have done for them, which is ~why~ you are in their lives! No, somewhere we've missed it. Usually it's in communication. Sometimes it's error, sometimes it's just the devil, but when people get blamed for being the devil and they aren't, it is misapplied judgment.

God has set the Standard and He will not condemn the one who is trying their best to get it right in Him. His Word says He will give wisdom without upbraiding, which means without fussing at you and giving you condemnation.

But there are others, in the modern day Pharisees Good Old Boys Club, who have set themselves up as Judge and Jury and are doing God a favor as they have decided they have it all figured out and are now in control, thank you very much. But they are having a most difficult time getting people into their boxes and cages! "Pass the whip, please. I have fed these 'creatures'!"

Some will punch you in the face when they don't get their way, some will condemn you and shame you publicly with false accusations, some will work to tear down your lives to make theirs more comfortable, using what belongs to you to build their houses. Somehow, they have missed it.

This can happen in the natural as well as in the spiritual realm. What can you do??? Just hold on to Jesus and His Word. He IS Faithful and True. Some will not understand. Those who want to be comfortable because they either need to be or just want to be won't be much assistance, so your help must be in God. It's your stretch time. I call them seasons of humiliation that you just can't avoid.

But I have found God to always be with me and even promote me and bless me once I have endured it. No, life is not always a piece of apple pie, too bad! It's not always green pastures and still waters, but you will eventually get there again in better territory.

Hang in there. (Or you will be hung!)



Words from the Lord to Marsha Burns

Heads up! The queen of heaven has shouted, "Off with their heads!" So, I caution you that those placed in positions of leadership and authority have come under attack with a decree of death and destruction.

But, to you leaders, I say do not shrink back and retreat in dismay, but stand in the position where I have placed you, and exercise the authority I have given you. For, those that I have chosen, I have called, and those that I have called I will undergird.

Do not retreat, but sound forth the alarm and rally your troops, for I will surely bring unity among those that are submitted to My leadership, and I will declare victory.

(Note: I am reminded by the Lord as I post this, that leadership also extends to positions of authority and leadership in your home.)


"Set the trumpet to your mouth!" Hosea 8:1
Prophetic Utterance through Bill Burns

Rise and get up. Rise and get up! RISE AND GET UP!

The Lord says, doubt and unbelief and disobedience I will not tolerate. To the faithful, the obedient, those who would dare to believe, I shall come upon them in My glory. The rains of adversity will descend, and they shall wash away many houses, but those who arise and build their house, their faith on the Rock, Christ Jesus, shall not only endure the storm, but they shall become a light house.

They shall not only endure the storms, but shall arise in the power of the Most High to scatter the enemy before them. The enemy must flee, for it is written that one shall chase a thousand, but two shall chase ten thousand.

Some of you have troubled your own house. It has not been the devil's work. You have troubled yourselves. You have troubled yourselves with doubt and unbelief. You have troubled yourselves with unforgiveness and offenses. You have troubled yourselves with judgmentalism and pride, and you have come against those things that I have desired to bring into your life.

Tonight, I call for new wine skins. I am calling for NEW wine skins. The old cannot contain that which I am about to do. I am about to pour out a new wine, a glorious wine.

Is it not written that I have saved the best for last? Shall it not now come forth? Shall it not now bubble forth out of your innermost being? It must be that you make the decision to become a new wine skin, and you must get up.

Arise from some of those things that you have allowed into your spirit that have brought hardness to your heart. A hardened heart is a hardened wine skin and cannot contain the new.

Come to Me, and I will make you new again. I will reform you and heal your land and bring you out into a fruitful place. I will give you the blessings of My kingdom.

Then, why do you stay where you are? Why not come? For the call of the Spirit and the bride is to come.

Come and shake the dust of defilement off of you. Come out from among them and be ye separate.

Come into My house of glory, and I shall make you vessels of glory. You will be those golden vessels that stand upon My table at the end of the age that reflect the glory of the Kingdom.

Out of you shall pour forth golden oil mixed with living water, which shall bring forth the final harvest. Then shall the end come. Then shall the last trumpet sound.


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