With another email alert in my box concerning another brother who has been hit by the enemy in a seriously physical manner, I want to share a couple of things that are on my heart as I lift this brother and others up to the Lord.

      A prophet is a watchman. They don't have a special "in" with God that helps Him pass judgment on events. They can be intercessors, but gain that status by being in agreement with His Spirit, not the other way around. We "bargain" with God, or intercede, BASED ON HIS WORD, not by a personal preference and favor.

      And while God is not "legalistic", He is just and He is merciful. But He is God. So I say that to say "Beware the Bluff" but also to have Godly fear. The Lord knows them that are His and we are in a warfare because He expects us to take our authority IN HIM and where we don't, we get hit by the enemy.

      Another way we get hit is through unGodly alliances or compromise. This is something I feel led to share to help you in your transition times. Some of us get so eager to be on the frontlines that we compromise, or maybe the desire to be among the known or "where it's happening."

      In the rush of zeal, we can sometimes get into unholy alliances or situations that give the enemy an open door to attack us. What can be covered in one situation, can possibly leave us wide open when transition takes place. It's very important to hear the Voice of God in direction.

      We have to be about our Father's business, saving the lost, maturing and equipping the saints and even doing deliverance to set the captives free, but as we engage in the warfare, we need to be covered with integrity.

      It's easy to do work with someone else covering you, but when you step into a ministry calling, you are being called to go places where your stand makes the difference. Especially if you are five fold ministry!

      Baby prophets always want a pastor or maybe another prophet to cover them as they shoot off their mouth with their "Thus saith the Lord's" but most don't want to cover someone (and won't) who cannot come into discipline (correction) and order, or who is speaking apart from the order and purposes of God.

      But I don't want this article to be just about the prophets, but to all as to where they are positionally in the Body. A church may be great for a season, but if the church takes a turn for sin, it may be best to re-align yourself in the Body somewhere else. If you can make a stand for righteousness that is well received, that is even better! But sometimes you can't and if you join in as a companion with overtly sinful practices, you can get hurt if the transition of God's judgment occurs and the righteous hedge is brought down or moved.

      If God has spoken to you before to move or re-align and you have not obeyed, then He is not at fault when the enemy invades, steals, defiles and conquers.

      I am thinking of a number of places where I have seen or heard of sin in the camp, especially in the area of sex sin and people, even in leadership, ignore it. Sometimes they don't know, but if they do and choose to ignore it, the wrath and judgment of God will affect them and they will have to rebuild trust and confidence with people, even if they themselves did not partake in the sin.

      Now in a church, people from the world are going to come in and out, making decisions for or against the Spirit of God. It's a sad commentary if we cannot show them a life that makes them want to change. But righteousness has its own reward, apart from legalism. Some we have to be patient with, but we need to be sure that a violation of the Ten Commandments is not overlooked as status quo.

      Many denominations that carry the Name of Jesus SEEM to have the sanction of God from appearance, and how God wishes it were so, but inside is filthiness of spirit and all kinds of compromise. Holiness is a word and not a lifestyle in these churches and God is going to expose and destroy that which is not His by His fire.

      You cannot be apart from the Church and gain the blessing of the Church. We are called to assemble ourselves together and be a part of the Holy Convocation. In a society where sin in rampant, we must cry out to God to be a part of where HE would have us to be. We might have good ideas for God, but if we don't have the blessing of God, we won't receive the blessings we need for life in this world.

      The times, they are a-changing! Transition is coming, more often and swiftly, as God sets into place His order and purposes. But realize that He is in the process of refining and that He will continue to refine and process until His Bride's garments are clean and pure and spotless and she is able to co-labor WITH Him in harmony!

      Jesus came to this earth and did ministry and stayed clean in this very unclean world, and He is calling us to do the same. We have to learn it and we must do that by being led by His Word and Spirit.

      Be careful of the frivolous that may open you up to things you may not want. We are called to be sober minded even when filled with the intoxication of His Spirit's ministry. Joy and pain relief is very much needed but beware that the joy does not lead to giddiness in compromise. We also must be aware of being so legalistic that the joy is defeated. Jesus died to bring us healing and joy.

      I hope I am making sense. Jesus is Love, He is happiness, He is fulfillment and Joy and even Peace. But none of that is at the expense of others in their opportunities for full salvation.

      Standards of righteousness heal. Standards of righteousness deliver, and they bless. And these standards will keep us safe, and when we get caught in a wrong place because we were willing to take a risk for the lost, the power and prayers of God's people CAN and will deliver.

      God bless you in His service,

      Pam Clark