Wait for it!!!

I, the Lord will hasten it in his time.... (Isaiah 60:22)

    I have a time
    in which I will manifest My power,
    in which I will show forth My energy,
    in which I will allow My purposes to be fulfilled.

    You have become impatient,
    You have become over-anxious,
    You have tried to speed up the process.

    My thoughts are not your thoughts,
    My ways are not your ways,
    I know what is best for you.

    I would have you surrender yourself to My Will.
    My way is best.
    My way is perfect.
    There are no flaws or defects in my dealings.

    I shall hasten it in My time.

    When I arise, the work of the enemy will be scattered.
    I will do a quick work in the earth.

    Know this:
    You need not be anxious.
    You need not fret.
    You need not worry.
    I will soon intervene.
    I will stand between you and the power of the enemy.

    The wicked shall flee when no one is pursuing,
    But the righteous shall be bold as lions.

    In that day, you will say,
    "Truly, the Lord does all things well.
    This is His day.
    This is His time."

    You will rejoice that you have waited for Me.
    You shall see My great deliverance.
    I will hasten it in MY time.

    My time is the perfect time.
    It shall serve My purposes.
    You will be joyful in it.

    ......I will hasten My word to perform it. (Jeremiah 1:12)

    Prophetic Word from Dick Mills,
    from "He Spoke and I was Strengthened"