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If a person is not born again, they may be impressed by the Holy Spirit, but they are not led by Him. Man has a carnal nature, or a flesh will. The ability to go beyond that base will is a grace gift of the Holy Spirit.

Having free will, man can choose, born again or not, to do some things a certain way. He can follow the Holy Spirit, or his carnal/nature impulses, or even go dark ways. Mankind can experience and choose his spiritual world. But some things can only happen if a person is born again.

When a person is truly born again, there is a type of insemination by the Holy Spirit into their soul. They can cater to that, or ignore it, but the cost is higher now on ignoring it because there is the Presence within of the Holy Spirit as a living force within their soul, and that force is for good.

People who are born again and who are used to having the leading of the Holy Spirit within, have trouble remembering that not everyone "hears" things the same way. Not only that, but some people have the Spirit covered over with religious or legalistic ways of doing things and don't even realize it. Sometimes "group think" can influence people over what ways the Holy Spirit is trying to say.

We can find "good people" who have a good basic sense and understanding about life and we can elect them as our leaders. But that does not mean they are "being led" by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit's ways are good. The ways of the Holy Spirit will really benefit mankind. And we have come this far with His good sense in our society because someone in the past broke open the ground for the right understandings.

Someone who attaches to good sense is a respected person. But there are spirit forces on both sides for good and evil. We need to understand this. And this is why God gave us the Scriptures, to help us.

The Law (or Scriptures) is our Schoolmaster until faith comes. (Galatians 3). When we UNDERSTAND the Spirit of the Scriptures, we will walk by faith in His Spirit. This is why we need to know the fruit or EVIDENCES of the Holy Spirit.

There is a masquerader counterfeiter. So we also need to learn how to discern. Learning to discern brings wisdom. All this is integral to our having free will.

Free will allows us to love in relationships. And most importantly, to be able to love and have relationship with God. God wants to be dynamic in our lives. He wants to spark us all the time into new understandings and revelations.

There is a path, hidden like a vein of gold underground, that we can discover. It is the way(s) of the Lord!

Imagine wanting to go to the moon. Imagine that we really did it successfully! I lived to see that come to pass. It was an amazing thing. You know that was covered in prayers.

Now we are ready to go all over space. It's a fascinating frontier. But, God has plans for this earth and they will not be denied. When our discoveries are made here, we probably will evolve to the next levels, but not before.

Ruling and reigning with Christ (The Anointed) is a big deal! It's not just words! Our limitations ground us to our identity, but our design allows us our growth, especially in the Lord.

One reason we have come to the levels where we are today is because of our space research. Like I said, God has a Plan! So do we have confidence in the Holy Spirit? We should!

When we needed to understand the God-Man, Jesus came to earth. God has not run out of revelations for us. We have assignments.

Let God "christen" you, "anoint" you - to DO all that He wants you to do and be.

The enemy wants to close doors to the revelation of who we are, but God wants to open them! There is a very real warfare, but together we make great progress to our fullfillments and understandings and progress! We need the Spiritual gifts (enablements) to fight the spiritual wars and take territories. How short sighted we are to think another will do all that for us. We co-labor with Christ!

God is so good that we get comfortable with Him. Then we freak out when comforts are taken away. But if we know and trust His Nature, we will know what to do.

The Spiritual gifts are important. They are TOOLS to be USED, not just collected and looked at. I don't care if you have twenty gifts and someone else has just two. If the two are being used and the others are not, I am not impressed! Neither is God! But if we seek Him, we will often know what gift to use when, because we have VISION!

So obviously Vision is a spiritual thing! How about the 7 fold Spirit of God (Isaiah 11)? It is an approach to the greater things in life. The (1)Spirit of the Lord (revelation), (2) wisdom and (3) understanding, (4)counsel and (5) might, (6) knowledge and (7) fear of (proper posture towards) the Lord.

God is Unlimited! We can mature in Him. We can live forever in Him! So it pays to know Him. :)

If you want to be born again, ask Jesus to come into your heart. He will!


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