by Sharon Hine

    Children, I love you, I am your front and rear guard, your song in the night and your bright morning star. My Spirit will guide you into all truth, not a greater revelation surplus to scripture, but the truth as revealed by My Word.

    Test the spirit, child, test the spirit. Even that which seems plausible, even that which seems right, submit it to My Word. Does it contradict My Word of Love? Does it oppose My Word of Grace? Does it rob you of freedom or joy? Does it fill you with peace? Does it leave you in hope? Does it ignite a passion for Me?

    For I would not give you any word that would bring division. I would not be in words of condemnation and control. I AM the author of life, not the prince of death! So I say to you again child, test the spirit, for the enemy of your soul draws near to deceive, be on your guard. At this time, you will be called upon to stand up against false prophecy and instruct in My love - for I am calling you to work in the opposite spirit.

    The old is being made new as I pour out My Holy Spirit upon the earth, but I will start with My House. The cleansing has started, the time has come and I say I will sort the wheat from the chaff. Look to Me at this time don't look at the water beneath your feet but trust My love.

    This is a walk of faith and will continue to be a walk of faith as I move in your life in a deeper way. Allow My Holy Spirit to touch those areas which have been untouched and allow Him to guide you. My Spirit is gentle, He is love and peace.

    My Spirit will not be offended if you test Him on whether Jesus has come in the flesh; My Spirit will welcome your test. So test the spirit and walk in truth and humility. Test the spirit and oppose the enemy who would come to steal, kill and destroy.