by Pam Clark

As a five fold minister called into equipping the ministry, particularly in the prophetic, one of the first lessons I got from the Lord was the value and distinction of each gift ministry.

At one of our Prophetic Alliance meetings I asked a friend from another Bible Study group I was a part of to sing. Her husband came with her and he told me, "I am a teacher, a God called five fold minister teacher, but no one regards that. They just use me, put me in teaching a Sunday school class or this or that, but they don't see my office."

He wasn't just belly-aching over "being used," he was stating something that the Lord wanted me to see. Each ministry gift has its distinction. And there is a spiritual price to pay for it. Many pastors are gifted teachers and some believe the two "just go together" as the term "pastor and teacher" from Ephesians 4.

I am convinced that each of the equipping gifts have a God given anointing to teach, but I also know that some are called with the predominant five fold ministry gift of ~teaching~ and this is a gift FOR THE BODY. We need to respect this gift!

The Church at large needs to recognize this gift. I have been in an outpouring of God where His Presence was so tangible that we could only bow down in worship. I am talking about a large congregation of thousands. If they didn't want to, they left. Spiritual gifts in such a holy anointing manifested and people had visions and revelational words and prophecies - it was awesome and life changing and I am feeding off of that still today.

This move of God built, crested and then dissapated. There were reasons and I believe I felt the grief similar to what the Book of Acts Church must have felt when the leaders were scattered. Sin in the camp will quench and halt the move of the Spirit, but so also will complacency and taking the things of Life for granted. When outreach stops, the flow from Above will, too. Do I need to tell you that we need to live right, if we want to see the blessing?

The hungry, when dispersed, will seek to build the presence of God where they have been scattered to. It takes prayer, agreement, worship and praise and good works and anointed leadership. Many try to make church happen and I was in a church one time where they tried to assign different people five fold ministry gifts, but that can only come from God, not man.

When you invite and activate the presence of God through pure worship and prayer and the anointing comes, the spiritual gifts that are in people will rise to the surface and if your gift is prophesying, teaching, helping, pastoring, missions, comforting, whatever, you will feel that it is time to get on with the program! When the anointing comes, your gift is stirred! Suddenly people have a verse, a word, a song, a prophecy, a thought, an idea...

This is a challenge for leadership because people begin telling the pastor or leader "what ought to be done" and some get offended when the leadership doesn't do it "the way they see it."

Some get offended and stay offended, (the immature), but some stay with a teachable spirit to find out how their gift can work in the move of God, and mature sensitive leadership will work to enable it.

The Church will never be put together or brought together on man's agenda, as well meaning as man might be. God has hidden gifts in earthen vessels. When you put Him first, asking for His will, finding out what He wants done, then a move of God can take place in your personal life and/or in the church.

Sometimes your gift will take you out of the church into another but be careful it doesn't take you just "out." You are missing it, then. We may have quiet set-apart contemplative seasons but they should not be for very long. You have to stay connected to the Body. (Thus saith the Word of God! Hebrews 10:24-25)

Some just want to see and do "what works" and that will only be a spurt. We must hone in on the purpose and focus of God and that is for His people to get a revelation and relationship with Him. We must grow and become established in His Will. This is one reason we need teachers. They will ground you to His Word.

Just like all the other gifts, teachers have been in the church, just not with their name distinctions so focused upon. Most ministers have been taught by gifted anointed teachers. They may not have had the title bestowed as a five fold minister, but they were there none the less. Most true five fold ministers don't even want the attention or publicity of their gift, they just want to do it.

It's not wrong to state your gift, Paul the apostle did frequently in his letters to the Church, and some, like me, were visited with the distinctive words from the Lord. It's needed for understanding. It is not wrong to reveal your gift, it's just how you do it. Is it done to help equip others and their faith, or is it done for selfish reasons and pride? Some are falsely accused, but persecution does go with the territory. God will vindicate the true because He is not ashamed of His ways or Plan.

A great revival is coming and even is at the door. As long as the focus is on Jesus, the anointing will come pouring in. But as it does and the lost and backsliders are drawn in, there will be a great need for the teacher.

One of the things that needs to be lovingly and anointedly taught is how to fit into the work and plan and order of the church. The temptation is great for people to become "experts" and know "better than others" how they are to be fit in and controlled. When you get that spirit, Watch out!!!

There will be friction but the Spirit focused will win out in love and blessing. Teachers will help explain the plan of God according to Scripture and this will be another beautiful fold in the five fold ministry. Right now there is still way too much competition and petty jealousy for attention for being right. Anointed teaching will make you see what is right, how it works and make you understand it when it happens and you will rejoice in the Plan of God (not man). We need anointed teachers!!!

Some teachers have specialties and they are needed, but we need to find our places and fit in the big picture. Teachers have to be careful not to overload people in the details they delight in to the point that they overwhelm or change the focus of what is needed to be taught.

In God's ordered Church everyone has a satisfied place and a great value. When you are doing your God called ministry, it's only the devil who is grieving.

Let's pray for our Teachers.

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