Staying Focused
by Pam Clark

Because most of us know that God IS amazing, we are always open for new things. We WANT God to move and most of us really do have the faith that He will; we just don't know when!

But we are also in a time where our faith is being challenged, and many are going through a faith crisis. The times are scary, many have been surprised or disappointed in certain circumstances and many do feel shaken.

Many are at the point where they don't believe the preacher anymore and they don't believe the newscaster who tries to predict how things will be. So many preachers teach doom and gloom and lack that you want to avoid their toxic messages.

It seems every infomercial and Christian broadcast has a hand out in your face for money that you don't have or want to give and many are wondering what is wrong with the world. Hold on!!! God is coming!!!

God is exposing the true lack of faith and those with true faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We may not be able to trust the preacher (depending on your circumstances) but you can trust God!!!

God is looking for leaders. Oh, you may not be in a pulpit, or maybe you feel called to that and are, but God wants people that other people can depend on. He is looking for the carriers of His next great move, and trust me, He has one!

Principles of God

Do you know the principles of God? With all the hype it seems you almost have to get away from it all to see it again, but His truth remains. It IS there!!!

With all the economic shaking, God is only rearranging the playing field. He wants to establish new businesses with His integrity. Did you lose a job? There may be a reason!!!

God wants people who can meet the needs of His people. Don't let the sinners deceive you into thinking that this world was created for them. This world was created for the sons and daughters of God!

A servant spirit will find the blessing of God, but it will also be proven. Oh people, the next wave that is coming is a glory wave. But God wants people who know their place in Him to carry it.

God does not despise His people. His eyes look to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him. He does not want compromisers with the world!

The world will tempt you and entice you and boast great things, but inside your heart and conscience is speaking to you that something is not right. It's time to go with your First Love, the Lord! He delights in you!!

The devil is temporary, God is eternal. Hopefully you will be spending a long, long time with God. How can you pass up the greatest glory ever to be seen? The word of the Lord says that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. But will you be a part of that? Or will you cop out to the sins of the flesh?

Truth Stands

The only reason it ever falls dead in the streets is because God's people have let it. But if His people ever decide to stand for it, they will find they have a great bulwark that can withstand any storm! It's so much better when we don't have to play "catch up" with God.

Some things just carry penalties but you can get past them and beyond them. You can't ignore God's truths and pretend reality is not there. But when you deal with reality and take it into the Reality of God, you will find an overcoming power that wants to bless you and those around you.

We have had such a sloppy agape and phony faith taught so long that many think they can get away with anything. Not so!!! But we do have a great God of Love and graciousness that wants to receive His own. It's time to get right and stay right with God. If you need someone to help you, it's okay to reach out, but do it in a way that helps you get settled in your own heart as to Who and where God is in your life. If He is number One, it will speak to your situations and surroundings.

God desires sacrifice but it's not for the sake of sacrifice alone. There is a deception if you are told it is a requirement without consequence. The Spirit of the True God is ever pushing you forward into life with Him. If you give up anything it is to gain in Him. He will speak to your heart.

Sometimes you may not know what you want but you can find out what you don't want! And in knowing that, you are more free to press in to Him and find Him. He wants you to know the truth!!! And sometimes our flesh can be drawn away.

We must know the character and nature of our God. He is good, He is loving, He is moral and HE is the Creator. When men act like they know more about God than you could ever know, there may be a lie involved. It's so important to discern without judging. God will do the judging, but He wants all who will, to know Him. And His true followers want you to know Him for yourself. They won't make you dependent upon them.

You can go as far into God as you want to. And some really do seek Him. You can pray and ask God to take you to those communities, but you must be willing to go with the flow of faith learning. But you don't have to jump through hoops and give your life savings away to know Him. He will ask for sacrifice, but He does it to bless you. And if you have done that to know Him, you can expect a great blessing if you don't lose heart!

Atmosphere of God

There is a lot of transference today from person to person. But we need more than anything the Living Presence of God that brings ATMOSPHERE. In the atmosphere of God there is a Life that emanates and surrounds and delivers a glory.

Evil also has an atmosphere that can snare you, but to be caught up in the Lord is a glory that fulfills the longing heart and heals every disease. When untruth prevails, many die in their sicknesses. We must discern the truth from the lies.

God is sending the angels that gather. He is wooing and drawing His people and asking if they will believe in Him. He has rewards for them if they will believe and act and remain faithful. But for those who cast off faith like Esau for a quick bowl of beans, to satisfy the flesh and not see the consequences of trivializing God, there is a price of grief to pay.

The world is out of control today. People cast off restraint. Even yesterday I saw a car wreck where some young men just went cruising and ran red lights and crashed into a car they didn't think would be there. The other woman survived but until the fathers and mothers rise up and disciple the sons and daughters, things will get worse and worse.

Many have never had love in their lives. Will you be one to reach out? It will make a difference to you and them and to God. Don't trade the fleeting thrill of the world for the greater lasting blessings of God. God's love is clean and kind and good and has recurring dividends.

Your prayer power with God is the most valuable thing you can have. Get in a jam and you can find that out! God has fun things and revelations that you never even thought about before. He has witty inventions and plans to change the world for the better, to help us cope and enjoy a more fascinating productive life. But you have to tap into Him!

Don't fall for the lies that you don't need God. Don't fall into the trap that says you can do wrong things and get away with it, it doesn't matter. It does matter! God is not just a bunch of rules but He does have the guidelines that will take you into abundant life!

If all you know is rules, you have missed The Life! Get to know Him! He speaks! And He will tell you how pleased He is with His creation, if you learn how to let Him disciple you. Remember that a "disciple" is a student. Jesus said, "Go and make disciples." That means go and make students. We aren't the sages or the gurus. We are in this together and when we learn that, we will find that our joy will be full in seeking and sharing and learning Him together.

Do you want the today god and misery, or do you want the Eternal God and everlasting life? It's a joy that is yours to have, if you want it.

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