by Pam Clark

There are a lot of things that people get spooky about and soul ties can be one of those things. If we would learn that God wants us to be supernatural in the natural we would go a long way in discerning the laws and nature of the Spirit life.

1 Cor 15:44-46 "It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. And so it is written, "The first man Adam became a living being." The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual."

When we are born again, our natural life takes on supernatural living. Now there can be many who choose to look for the darker spiritual realms, but to walk in the higher living takes a commitment to Life or risk being eternally damned.

We are redeemed from darkness to Light and while we may experience both in earlier stages of our life, to walk in the solid mastery of victory, we must fully commit to our God and Savior Jesus Christ and stay there. It is indeed a marriage between God and man.

And just as couples go from single life to married life and changed mindsets, so Christians take on a life coupled with God. It is no longer about individual agendas, but a cooperative sharing of life goals with our Heavenly Father and Creator.

Because He is Sovereign God, there will always be aspects that we won't fully understand, but the nature of living His supernatural life will allow us to obtain many goals and desires through the filter of His will and love for us, not just as an individual but also as a global Body of cooperative corporate living as the Body of Christ.

When we are raised in family environments, we naturally will take on the familiar characteristics and natures of those families and communities. Familiar ways are imprinted upon us and we tend from that to get "ways" of doing things, which some might call familiar spirits. Some of it is logical (mind) but some things are soulish (carnal flesh nature) and spiritual. Since we need a Redeemer to fully redeem us from this fallen world, there will be some mixtures in many areas as we grow into a fully developed spiritual life.

Many people don't give these concerns the time of day, but when we make a commitment to fully serve God with all our life - body, mind, soul, strength and heart - we begin to notice the big and little things that make up the componets of our life. As we pursue God, we look for ways to change things so that we can develop into fuller dimensions of the Christ life and character that is available for us through this commitment.

There comes a time in peoples' lives where they come into areas of accountability for their lives and realize they have choices and they begin to define the rights and wrongs of their life. Because man is changeable over time, God has given us a Book of Scriptures, The Holy Bible, as a standard or plumbline if you will, to help us attain healthy and Godly living. It is God's gift to man for attaining to quality living, written in a way that makes you search Him out.

Most people never go much beyond their comfort levels, their lives are spent maintaining a certain level of existance and they will devote much of their life long energies to defending just that. But some want more, either in the flesh, to just to prove to themselves that they can, or because they are pursuing a higher quality of life, either in the natural or the spiritual or both.

When a person desires to go into a different direction from their status quo, often they encounter difficulties from the unseen realm. Suddenly reactions from the familiar are not so accommodating and pleasant but are rather challenging. Sometimes it can be confrontational and unpleasant and downright overwhelming. Here we have the decision to give in or press on to the desired goals.

Sometimes, when we just want to go over the mountain "to see what we can see," we will make poor choices based on self will. Sometimes wisdom and understanding and discretion is lacking due to poor teaching or not enough knowledge.

But in the spirit realm that goes beyond the soulish realm level, there is another communication level going on and that is a drawing by the Spirit of God or the deceiving enemy to our souls. As we press in, we discover a major warfare going on for the souls of mankind where we appear to be the chess pieces on the game board of life. And so we sometimes are, until we discover personal relationship with God.

Then we are drawn by the pull of the Divine that leads us into transcendant living where we can rise above our circumstances into newness and ever increasing new realms of life. If our hearts are hard and bitter, then we will choose to attack those who have Life out of a bitterness and anger that can also take on a supernatural driveness.

It is in that tug of war where we will encounter what many today are calling soul ties. When we entertain the occult we can unwittingly entertain forces of darkness that make inroads into our souls and spirits. That can get extreme, and on the other side of the same token we can open ourselves up to the holy realm and entertain that realm. If we pursue either supernatural realm, we will find ourselves amidst the warfare of angels and demons, and they themselves carry ranks and positions in supernatural governments.

Is this a peaceful balance of nature or is something more going on? Well, it depends on where you want to spend eternity. It is in this life where we make that decision. Do we control it or do we line up with the forces? I think investigation would show us that the forces on both sides are much greater than us and we need to make peace and commitment; and more and more the awareness of just that is going on.

We can go through rituals of exhortations and exorcisms and all that has its place. It's wonderful to get set free to a free will that serves God out of pure unfeigned love and devotion, and not a forced and coerced way of living where no freedom really exists. It can be religious and have the appearance of freedom, but it will deny the power of God to deliver into a true deliverance of heart-felt will-based love.

Peer pressure is strong in adults as well as children and there are winds and waves of doctrines and beliefs and familiarity that will pull you along in a tide that is taking you to a shore that you may not want to go to. You may hang around a certain person or group and suddenly find yourself in a place that you don't want to be! This can be the power of soul ties and it can be tricky at first getting free.

The danger is that some situations are traps designed to pull on your power and diminish you. You might say that something just "sucked the life right out of you." You find yourself needing to regroup and renourish. Since we only live so long in this current earth life, we can only do that so many times, and so we need to make choices that are advantageous, not just for our soulish life but our spiritual lives as well.

The pursuit of God is the noblest thing in life that we can do. Oh, many play with spiritual things, but when you find God really, you find Life. That Life can be so invigorating that we can let go of many soulish things that satisfy our flesh. Even seeming obstacles can pump us up to go for more for the prize that was won by going through the hardship.

As I said, many can get "spooky" about rituals and events, but when we are aware of being fully alive - spirit, soul and body - we will find a satisfaction and fullness to life that just can't be compared or imitated by religion, rituals or rules. Things that held you bound just can't satisfy any more.

Some soul ties can be positive, some can be negative, most will be a blend. But they will all add up, and finding the way to break free of the negative to gain the positive is important. This is where our personal relationship with God and knowing His will really pays off.

There are many forces that will work against you but if you find God's way, (and positive confessions of His Word and right living are positive ways), you will also begin to discover His ways of energizing and enablements that make and keep you free because they are the truth and not a supposed reality. The enemy works in subterfuge, but Light sets you free of the darkness and gives you power to live life out of a free will for good.

The methods are not so complicated. It begins with a committed heart that is willing to take actions for your faith. It is a learning experience, when once learned, finds its greatest joy not just in living it but in helping others to attain as well. Worship Him. He is our King, He is our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.