My Precious Bride,

I see you in your journey upward and the struggles you are facing. The way is steep, the rocks are sharp, there are snipers and you are weary.

You sense a great disappointment in the fact you do not feel presentable before Me because of the sweat and the dirt, the bruises and scrapes and dried blood and torn clothes and messed up hair which covers you.

Tears are in your eyes as your patience gives way and frustrations mount, and the disappointment through the weariness and pain creeps in. Vicious ones hurl the sharp rocks of slander and abusiveness, and every step for gain seems challenged.

But know that I love you, My Beloved One! And know that I see you through the eyes of My deep and heartfelt love for you, and not your unworthiness and vain attempts to "dress up" for Me.

For I see the longing in your heart, I hear the pathos in your cries, and I say to you, "I AM COMING! I AM COMING! HOLD ON!!!"

For it shall be just a little while longer, and I shall gather you in My arms and I will cleanse you and refresh you in the waters of my Life. Your eagerness to get here is putting more pressure on you than you can manage yourself, at times, and so I say to you, do not be afraid to rest and assess your situation in your journey to Me.

Even though I seem distant, My eyes are upon you, gazing in adoration at the beauty of your love for Me. You rapture My Heart, My Sister, My Spouse, My Bride, My Love!

Soon I will dress you in the finest of clothing and I will tenderly brush back your hair with My hands. I will caress you and hold you in the bosom of My embrace and together we will walk... and sing... and dance!

For majesty awaits you, My Bride! I desire for you to be by My Side.

Together let us join the Heavenly Throng, in rapturous and righteous song, and let angels glee in the golden majesty that I have waiting, and prepared, for thee.

Your scars are very precious to Me, but you will see that I am the One who can make them flee as My healing power reaches out to thee and and brings you into the intimacy and place you will be eternally with Me.

Look not to the night, but look to the Light for the amber rays of your daysprings of praise cause My shekinah haze to hover over you and envelope you, in the covering of My Gaze of you.

And the symphonies of My harmonies in you will arise and together we will fly on the wings of My wind to the glorious Throne of your new and everlasting Home.

In these, your dreary days, offer your praise and let your heart think of Me and all we can be, together, in My Love.

For I accept you, as you are, My Shining Star, and you I desire, with a holy fire, and a tender and warm and everlasting life's love.

Lo! I come, and wait, for you!


April 20, 2002