by Pam Clark

As is being seen, there is much emphasis on the fullness of the five fold ministry coming together and working strategically as the Hand of God through the Arm of the Lord. Much has been said about the shifting and transitioning into the last days.

There will be re-alignments, and corrections will be made, but I think we, and especially the apostolic community, need(s) to be careful how we present this. (Here is an example of the prophet at work.)

God is wonderfully and definitely bringing things into HIS Order. And how we rejoice when He does. Since many, if not the majority of the end time apostles are men, a male dominated (rather than male led) movement can occur.

We hear talk of things being "knocked around" and "blown up" or "demolished" in the coming in of this order and these type power things naturally excite a man. Boys in their developmental skills as children make more noises than words than their counterparts (girls) in their verbal development. In their maturity, women speak at least three times more words than men.

Relationship therapists will tell you that men are "bottom liners" where women want "details"! And the two must learn to come together in their different styles of communication to understand and relate to each other well.

Most women do not want to lead the home. If you ask the majority of Christian women if they want to lead their homes, they will give you an emphatic "No!" Women for the most part are nesters and enablers while men are builders. A woman will work with what a man gives her to work with. If she must do it alone, she will build up an exterior that is not easy for others to work with but yet it is her survival and the life of her brood.

The Word of God says that God hates divorce, and any plan less than marriage for adulthood and child-rearing is less than adequate from Holy eyes. He says from the beginning that it is not good for man (Adam) to be alone.

God Himself is seeking for a Bride, one that He Himself has come and laid down His life for, and given as His example. In His Example, He didn't blow up, knock around, or demolish anyone, but rather let them come into their own fulfillment of choice.

God is seeking more than a honeymoon night or week. He is seeking a Companion to be His Wife. Too often we see this Relationship spoken about in carnal terms, often using Song of Solomon type imagery. It will often go into the totally emotional romantic realm that is "drunk" or "lost" to the hour and totally out of control in "ectasy."

And while it is nice for either gender to feel "totally" cared for, is that really what is going on in the Spirit realm? Is that really the kind of Bride our God is looking for? Is that the kind of home you were raised in?

We all know that because of satanic and demonic activity in this life, that things could be better. Bad things do happen because of this influence.

But the Bible plainly states that God created us for His pleasure and fellowship. While we may use it as affectionate terms, don't we want our mates to be more than just our pets? Don't we have a heightened level and opportunity of interaction?

Of course we do! The Scriptures have a detailed plan for both men and women. A woman is not just to be a daughter, not just a bride, but also a wife and mother. She is to be an example and teacher to other women as well.

Men are not just to be work horses and slave objects. They are more than just the provision they provide. Men also rebel when they are taken out of what God calls normal and reasonable service.

The enemy has and is exploiting the differences and needs. It takes an act of our wills to find and create quality and meaningful relationships, and these are relationships that God wants blessed!

There is no greater feeling like the feeling of peace when the home is in balance and the emotional, physical and social needs are met. The parents are happy, the children are happy and even the town (or society) is happy. With upward focus and Godly goals in that setting, we find much fulfillment for the life we were created to live.

In this fallen world, it is what we strive for and what the true focus of Revival is all about - this opportunity for all people to express who they really are without it being at the expense of another person whom Jesus died for, and He died for the whole world. It is our full salvation.

As I have mentioned, the Lord is not just seeking a Lover for His Honeymoon, as exciting as that might be, but He is seeking a Bride who will be His Wife and who will co-labor with Him as a Proverbs 31 Woman. This type Woman will bring out the fullness of the relationship that God intended men and women to share.

This incoming apostolic move will not be male "dominated," but male led as Jesus led. This move will prepare the Bride, the Body of Christ for Life as a vibrant, dynamic Wife to the Groom.

Things, instead of being stressful, will have a sense of normalcy and right, and will function with all being fulfilled. Life will not be at the expense of another, for Jesus Himself has already paid the price in the provision of God, and it is a provision that overcomes the evil one BY OUR CHOICES.

We are not coming into an order so dominated that each human spirit cannot be released into its God designed glory of His multi-faceted dimensions of expressions through the new birth in Christ, the Anointed One. TRUE order will bring true peace and fulfillment and joy and even "normalcy" like we have never known before, for it is how we were designed to live.

There will be joy in all fellowship, enjoyable tasks, deep and pleasurable communication, and common goals for accomplishment brought about by the unity and subsequent receiving of the commanded blessing.

Trumpet Wind Ministries ~