A Judging Coming

by Pam Clark

A prophetic word...

I see a great shaking coming to the Body of Christ and the leadership as we know it today. The sheep have been crying out and the Lord has heard their cries. The shepherds have not been feeding the flocks.

Instead they have found comforts in friendships they have enjoyed, much more than doing their assignments of fulfilling the Great Commission, ignoring the Flock of God. At first much of their coming together was beneficial, but it has since become a snare.

Instead of seeking God for themselves, to hear what He would say for His Body, they began seeking what He would say for them. Their focus then became very introverted and fleshly strongholds established. From there, their focus turned into protecting the stronghold "in the Name of the Lord," but much of that is getting ready to come down and the Flock of God will rejoice.

For the crying flock is hungry, hungry for the benefits seen and promised and denied. The shepherds have become false and some even villians. Some will truly repent, but then others will find their token repentance fully lacking for their hearts are calloused to the tender and merciful ways of God. The once true shepherds have allowed the flowery prophecies of flattering words to take root as weeds in the garden camp of the Lord.

They have stolen words from others and have claimed them as their own. But the sheep who hear His Voice know when these now false shepherds declare that which is not of the One who is True. In reverence and deference they have awaited His Hand, through the leadership they so cherished and loved, but now defiled with filthy lucre, vain words and broken promises.

Quietly, yet with trembling, the Flock has been waiting for the moving of the waters that cannot flow through once trusted vessels. With shame they hang their heads for the condition of the Flock, repenting and waiting for what only the True Shepherd can do. They are eager to serve, but are awaiting the instruction from His Eye.

The new leadership will rise up humbly and those who have grasped and pushed others aside for the glory and position will find themselves mostly observing the next move of God. Those who have tried to take the new positions by force will find themselves on the outside looking in, if having fallen on their faces, they do not repent.

The Kingdom of God is not haughty and the true Flock knows it. The shrewd manipulators will cease.

The new winds of the birth pangs will give place to many victories. Servants will arise to their kingly positions. God will raise up leadership He can trust with their souls.


Pam Clark - Trumpet Wind Ministries

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