Prophetic Word through Joyce A. Lighari

For the Lord would say to you --

My arm is very long and My arm is very powerful. My arm stretches to the far corners of the universe. My arms reach around the globe. With one slight squeeze of My arms, mighty kingdoms are crushed.

My arms do not lack the power and strength. My arms are not short. They can reach anywhere.

My arm is capable of crushing the enemy in your life. It has the strength and power to do so. But the strength and power of My arm is what I use to protect you, to defeat the enemy in your life, in regions, in countries, in the heavenlies.

It is My arm that defeats the enemy because it reaches everywhere and can touch and destroy anything.

But My arm is not used in that way toward you. My arms are stretched out in love toward YOU, My child. My arm is long and can reach you, where ever you are, or where ever you are hiding.

Sometimes you fear My arms and you run. When I am pursuing you to hug you, to love you, to comfort you, to forgive you and to restore you. You think that since My arms are so strong and powerful that you must hide from them.

But I tell you, My arms are never used that way toward the people I love. My arms are never used that way toward My people, My children, My beloved.

My arms are ready to touch you. But I will not touch you unless you give Me permission.

I move without invitation against the enemy and I move without invitation to show My strength to the nations and to the principalities and powers, but I do not move toward My children unless they are ready and invite Me.

I'm standing so close to you right now. I'm right beside you. I want to comfort you, I want to heal you, I want to touch you. May I???

You are My beloved, you are My delight, you are the apple of My eye and I want to hold you so closely right now. I want to touch you and impart My life to you. I want to go deeply into your spirit and restore you.

Turn your face toward Me. I am ready to love you. May I???

My arms are strong and mighty but they are filled with a great love for you -- let Me hold you. May I??

Joyce A. Lighari