by Pam Clark

A Marriage Takes Three
It's not just you and just me
It's a Triune affair
Where each of us must care.

It's a commitment of Three
Not just me and just he
And not He and just me
But a bond of us Three.

And Each must be willing
To do our part
Each must be willing
To give all of our Heart.

For it's a Covenant bond
All our lives it does claim
For richer for poorer
In our glory and shame.

For men can't understand
The prayers in our heart
And they can't see the struggles
That try to tear us apart.

But something much greater
Than eye can behold
Is the mystical union
In His Spirit, Three fold.

And to keep it together
Work and fight, yes, we must
We must give it our diligence
We must lay hold that good trust.

And when we can believe
What the other does say
When we can believe
And trust and obey

Then we've come to the place
Where on us Grace does rest
And we come to the place
Where we've given our best.

And our wine, it is sweet
So fresh to the taste
We've been crushed and been bruised
By the trials we have faced.

We've conquered, we've won
We've been through the fire
The beauty of Three
As One, now does aspire

To live out our lives
As a glory and praise
To give God all the honor
All of our days.

A marriage is not one
It's not two, it is Three
Where we come together
And worship on bended knee.

And humble our hearts
To the Glorious King
With no vain glories
On ourselves to bring.

But it's giving to Him
Our all in our all
It's hearing His Voice
And obeying His call

To be a clean vessel
In a world filled with sin
And displaying His truth
That Love can begin again.

Pam Clark

Email: pamclark@prophetic.net