by Pam Clark

She sometimes told him what to do, and even sometimes got the family to join in with her on it, but he pressed on with his mission. She knew the Lord, she loved the Lord, and her ways of submissive kindness were sometimes his undoing.

"Mother! It's not My time yet!" he protested, but her faith prompted Him to believe God, and His revelation came forth in the unexpected joy of new wine. Oh how the Father loves His own!

He could have been angry over what her grandmother Eve had done, but He was compassionate and forgiving. She and her husband Adam just didn't understand the scope of His glory, and how it would transcend time and space.

Mary was a good mother, active in the community, doing her good deeds, just as all the rest of the family had before her. Her son came from a good yet humble home.

Her husband had worked hard at a carpenter's trade and she had a place to stay after he passed on. She didn't always understand how her son couldn't accept his same simple ways, but she tried. "Just trust," she would remember her husband saying. "Hasn't He always taken care of us? Listen for His Voice. It will speak!"

She did have that promise from God. She remembered the angelic visitation. It would always calm her when the situation got rough. "Yes, Joseph."

She loved being her faith. What an exciting history they had! Her God was the God of miracles, and her son was certainly a believer. She was proud of him. She sometimes had a chuckle remembering his zeal, even at such an early age. He could definitely reason with the other men!

She sometimes worried about them. She saw the brutality of the Romans and some of the others just didn't seem to quite understand it like they did. She just had to trust God like her Joseph had said.

But then one day she got the report that they arrested Jesus and there was trouble. Quickly she called her friends and said "Come with me! They have Jesus and I don't know what is going to happen!"

By the time she got there, he was a bloody mess. They had whipped and flogged him and marched him through the streets. That was her son!!! Didn't they know he was not an unkind person!!! Why are they doing this???

Her life just seemed to go out of her when she heard the execution sentence. "No!!! No!!!!" But what could she do? Who would listen to her? Everything in her cried out. Her heart was pierced. "My baby!!!"

He smiled at her a comforting smile, but her mind still said it was not okay. "What is going on here? Where is my promise???"

"John, behold your mother!" How could he say something like that at a time like this? "Mother, behold your son!" Oh my, it was really the end. In such agony he still looked out for her. Who am I at a time like this? Why is he suffering this way? The weight of the evil of the world is upon him!!!

Her friends caught her as she collapsed in unbelief. Her prayers seemed not to be heard. After hours that seemed like eternity, the skies rumbled and things got dark.

It was simply fitting. Finally they took him off of that cruel cross and they could take him to a tomb. Joseph of Arimethea was so kind. How could she repay him?

Those cruel leaders would crucify all of them if she did not observe the local customs so she went home in honor of the sabbath but for her it was not joyous and faith-filled. All she could do was weep. That was her son, her first born. Who can celebrate Passover at a time like this?

Finally they could go tend the body. But instead they found an angel there! "He's not here??? He is risen??? What does this mean???" But it was true. She had heard reports but there he is in a glorified body! He is back!!! Oh, awesome God!!!

But no, he is not staying. Oh please stay!!! Please stay!!! But he said, "I must ascend to my Father. John will take care of you. Wait for me, for the Promise of the Father!"

And so everyday they waited, in that upper room. What things were happening! Even these disciples were different now. They had a boldness like never before. They prayed like never before. Even her faith was stronger, but how could she go on? Oh she missed her son!!!

And then one day, like cloven tongues of fire, the Spirit descended and that gift that had been in her son came inside of all of them and they were all speaking in languages they had never heard! For some it was so refreshing they were rolling on the floor laughing, as if they were drunk!!!

The locals thought they were having a party in the middle of the day but Peter stood up and explained that we were now in a new dimension in God. The ache in her heart grew calm. She knew it was true.

He had given her an assignment. "I'll watch over John." All of the disciples treated her well.

She didn't fully understand but she could go about life again. Her faith was renewed. There was always one miraculous story after another. How she loved her God.

Why am I so honored? She knew it was not her. But how grateful she was to be a part of his Life. "Truly I am blessed among women."