THE MINISTRY - A Trust Broken
by Pam Clark (

The past few weeks in my mailbox have been solicitations for me to "fast and pray" and do rallies to make a statement. And while I think all that can be effective at times, it now seems to almost be a fad. To be honest, I did a lot of that in my past and still don't see that many changes from having done it, especially in governmental leadership!

I have come to the conclusion that a lot of these rallies are only about "wanting to be seen" and for political reasons. Political you say? Yes, the Church is so entrenched in the political system that it looks like a third party in the running for office. We are not promoting Jesus with this, but our own political and power agendas.

Christian advertising in mass tells us we need to support people (ministers), their movements and causes. And for a while a lot of that seemed right but more and more we see the Spirit of Jesus and His message getting incredibly diluted. People parade in front of the governmental leaders saying they speak for God and no one is buying it.

Christians are now seen as a "political force" which would be complimentary until you see the ministers playing politics. And politics is often not a pretty business. Ministers "stand off" against one another and rail at one another, criticize one and put down another. Now is this how Jesus would do it? Aren't we supposed to be a Spiritual force and not just a political one?

Most don't even know because they haven't seen Jesus in so long they forgot what He looked like! Instead, it's the minister's face you see all over the place and his dynamic personality and you are told to rally behind that AGENDA. Your vote and your finances are solicited, and a noise is made but there is very little effect to it. We are in worse shape than ever.

They say you should be "for this" and you should be "for that" but how many of these things are what Jesus would say and do? Who are you following? The Christians who haven't bailed out really need to think about all this - because it is on you! When you go to Washington DC or the State Capitol or where ever and make your "stands" who is really listening? And what are they hearing? Is Love the Force?

Do they just see that we like a parade and a loudspeaker? Many of them have outdone us on that and honestly that is not what we are supposed to be about! We are to be salt and light to this generation and the next. Fellowship is more than just "rallies." Prophetic words should be more than just "riddles" you get to figure out several months down the road that no one hardly remembers.

We so want to be "popular" that we have lost the Presence. I mean we have REALLY lost the Presence. A lot of stirred up energy is not the same thing as the Presence of Almighty God. When He is REALLY in the room, you REALLY know it! He has a Personality that can be felt, sensed and witnessed and submission is evoked by HIS Presence, not legal, political and social prophetical atmosphere manipulations.

When most of the world "sees" Christians, they are seeing a political party. They see a party line and not a force that is making a difference in their lives and those around them. So at best it's "you vote your way and I will vote my way and I am voting against you." Super witness, yes? No.

So many are told to manage their weaknesses in the power of the flesh, and what that boils down to is that "the pretty boys" win. You know the ones who are good looking, have their act together, have some flash and skills and accuity, and no skeletons (seen) in their closet. And like a politician, if ever any "problems" are seen, they are "out" and the next guy up is "in."

Is this Christianity? If it is, it's not what I signed up for! You are practically forced to find "a camp" that you can survive in because a war is on and everyone who doesn't think like you do is the enemy. So even though you were pretty much minding your own business, you became an enemy to some because you didn't follow the party line or program like "everybody else."

Will the real JESUS please stand up??? I don't think many know Him anymore and many of the "old timers" seem to have forgotten and need to be reminded. I remember going into churches in the past and you knew it was a church because of the Presence there, even when no service was going on. We have little bits of that today but not like before.

Am I happy for the rallies where people come and can get healed? Of course I am because Jesus IS a Healer and we need to know that. A whole lot of people are sick and suffering and His Grace is here enough to show us that, THANK GOD! But you know, to drive out sickness from the land, you need to know HOW and it's not just a few spells, chants and words. Prophetic praying CAN help, binding and loosing CAN help and does, but we need to know the MIND of Christ that PERMEATES everything we do and all that we are about everyday.

You know, when I eat well, I know I eat well. When I eat junk, I may be satisfied for the short term because it deals with my hunger pangs, but I can also tell that I don't feel as well as I did and that am not doing as well as I was before. And over the long term, that is going to have a big effect in the productivity and thinking in my life! With soaring food prices right now, some people are going to relate to this. Sometimes people are sick and don't even know they are sick because they are so desensitized.

As salt and light we are to be making the world around us better but instead we are focusing more on political clout. What happened to the power of God to really influence? People know how to harness their prayer power but how many can invoke the real Presence of God? I honestly think we are outnumbered right now! Even a worthy ten percent can change a natio, city or the world but I don't know that we have that so much.

I am sure there are 7,000 who have not bowed their knee to Baal but we are living in Babylon! And whatever you think her "source" is, do you know her characteristics? Study it and then look around. I am glad for the Christians who are not afraid and not ashamed to stand up for the clean liberty of Christ. Many times they have groups working against them. But they will be justified!

In my view, the Christian ministry trust has been broken. Way too many churches and ministers have sold out to the System more than they have to Christ. The very idea that God could actually speak to someone is still a mockery to many. That is SAD! Because God CAN speak and He can say powerful things and it's not dependent on a vote!

Before when people were called to ministry, the encounter gave them a mission and cause. It was very personal and poignant. They may have had to work it out in different ways over the years because in living life, things move and change and experience has an effect called wisdom. In those "good old days" that can still be here if we choose, the wise were willing to help and were appreciated and honored for it. But now it is all about the "group think" and what the "group" wants and how you are wrong if you don't fit in to that "group plan."

And there are times when the group is good and that is when it stands up against injustice. But it's God's justice and it is honored and witnessed to by His Presence! And the true ministry doesn't go around signing up members and putting you in a program and collecting your money for the next big bash they sponsor!

What are you called to be when you are called to be a minister? What can the people expect? What should they expect? I heard someone say that the time is coming when people will no longer say, "I am a minister, serve me," but "I am a minister, how can I serve you?" We have been infected with such and arrogance and pride that people hide!

Some of the biggest betrayals are because you thought you found a kindred spirit and it wasn't. You want a rally for Jesus? Why don't you try and touch God before you try and touch man? If you do, then He will show you how to touch men and society in a way that makes a difference! And it's not in some club behind a veil of rigid prerequisites.

Oh, you can go chant and pray at the White House but the President isn't listening. And neither are most of the other leaders. Some are there to try and do his job for him like that is their place. But if you bring a Divine Presence with you, then they might listen but I don't think you will FIND that Presence first at the Mall.

The ethics of fair play is vastly missing. And yes, you will always find some in a fallen world who don't play fair. It's sad, but before there was at least a conviction felt about it. You often knew who they were because they stood apart. Not so today. Everyone does what is right in his own eyes to care about themselves. They can walk by a man hit by a car and injured, observe, and then keep on walking, with no conscience, no conviction, just hardened hearts.

People justify all kinds of things because of their own agendas. They don't see Jesus - the Creator - and His Essence in other people. They don't call that essence forth and into life. And it's vital that we do or we pay the price! And we are.

Romans 8:28 is still a good Scripture. But you need to read a lot of the verses before and after that too! There is a Plan for Mankind.

A minister is one who has encountered the Presence of God (not just encountered a good idea) and brings that encounter (or encounters) to the people to benefit by it. And you learn it!

Today people just want to trade stocks on the ministry gifts like the stock market, like it's a gamble! It's just the mind-think today. It's advertising dollars. And that can have clout! People want to buy and sell the ministry - but that is not supposed to be how it works. And a right mind knows it.

There are people who really have had encounters and have been spoiled and polluted by the systems. Many have gotten angry and turned away. Many have lost heart and gone on to other things. God has ways of dealing with all this when He has enough. The Bible is full of stories and examples of Him dealing with people whose hearts have turned away.

If you have a trust, are you keeping it?

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