Does Jesus Love You?

Does Jesus love you? Of course He does! But does He love you because someone told you that He did or because He really does? We all start off with the good news being preached to us somewhere. But then faith comes and we must grow to know that we know that we know.

And then we know - that Jesus loves us - not because somebody told us, but because we know it ourselves, deep inside. There comes that time when the answer to the question we all ask: "Who am I?" has an answer.

I am because God made me and I do exist. He did not create me in vain, He created me for a purpose and the Bible says that purpose is to have fellowship with Him and His people and do good works and be His ambassador to a lost and dying, hurting world.

"Who am I? What am I doing here? Where am I going?" Everyone asks those questions at one time. We can find those answers in the Bible once we have accepted our need for God and His answer through His Son Jesus.

If our faith depends on what our mother told us or our father or our Sunday School teacher or friend or even a stranger - and God bless them all - they were God's ambassadors to us - then our faith can rise and fall on that person. For many, if that witness goes, then faith goes with them. We have got to have more than our relationship with people into our own personal relationship with God and His reality, if we want to grow in our spiritual walk and life.

That incorruptible seed that is in us when we are born again will speak to all of nature, even if we are totally mangled by life's circumstances and situations, and it will say, "I live! I am!" We are created in His image. There comes a time when we will get our new bodies, but not before the work is done here. Our assignments must get completed.

There is a spiritual war going on - and a force that makes it hard to complete our assignments, but for the grace given us. Yesterday I noticed something. I was doing a long put off project and suddenly, for no reason, seemed to be getting a very hard time doing it. Nothing in the day had really gone wrong, things were going pretty well; I was having no bad thoughts! But suddenly, everything became difficult, challenging me to feel irritated!

Praying, I said, "Lord, putting these splash guards on the tub is not exactly threatening the devil's kingdom. It's just going to make my life a little easier so I don't have to mop the water off the floor after I take a shower!"

Now it had taken me a while to find the kind of splash guards I needed for this tub and when I did find them and the price was right, I was real happy about it! Not a big thing, but one of those daily things we care about.

I thought why is the enemy so upset to harrass me over this??? (I pay attention to the little things of spiritual warfare.) Suddenly it came to me! The enemy was upset over my praise! I was going to be glad once this project was done and I was going to praise the Lord! In fact, I was praising Him as I began it for the finished work of it!

The devil hated my praise! Over installing a splash guard of all things! I realized this was an important thing to notice in the enemy's strategy against us.

He used to be the leader of worship in Heaven. Our praise must really bother him. Well, obviously it did! It made me realize that we must have our guard up even when we praise the Lord, because it is a powerful spiritual weapon.

Now I don't know how many dragons I would slay on being happy over installed splash guards, ha ha, but it must be a few! And I determined to notice even more the little places of praise and how the enemy would seek to enter and hinder. The splash guards are up and I am rejoicing about it, but realize that the little foxes on the vines are what the enemy uses against effective works.

He starts with a little thing and will build it up into massive strongholds of discouragements and immobilizations. Those little things can sometimes add up to make us feel that we can't do what God has called us to do because we believe the little lie in the little hassle that God doesn't care about us.

But we are here and we have a body and a voice and a presence and an essence of Jesus Christ if He lives within us! Our little praises mean something, or why would the enemy be so concerned? In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you. Rejoice through all things, that we may experience His Presence from on High.

When we build our strongholds in the Lord, we can have our times of experiencing great anointings of God's moves. But they don't just come automatically or accidently. Haven't you ever wondered how you could be so in the anointing one moment and so out of it a short time later? And then have some of those days where nothing goes right or days where everything does? It's the little things!

The Body is going to come together more and more and as every joint supplies, the ManChild of Christ Jesus within us (that incorruptible seed we received from being born again by Him) is going to mature and become that beautiful Bride who intermingles with Him as One and shares eternity with His glories. So sorry, devil, move over, Jesus is coming through!

I am because God made me and He did give me the opportunity to be one with Him and I took it! I know who I am, what I am doing here and where I am going! Do you?

God bless you,