Hidden Bride

A Beautiful Prophecy through Jim Rinker

My Bride is not a showpiece that I put on display for just anyone to gaze upon. Her beauty is for My enjoyment and pleasure. She is cherished and special to Me and that is why I keep her face veiled to the vast majority or people in the world, because she is SPECIAL.

When I meet with My friends I invite them into My tent and there in the seclusion of My secret chambers is where I unveil the beauty of My Bride for My friends to see, for I keep nothing hidden from My friends.

My Bride, How beautiful you are to gaze upon. Your beauty captivates My heart, My undefiled one. I have veiled your face to hide your beauty and have reserved you for My pleasure.

Be content in your heart with this position. I have veiled you and at the PROPER TIME will I unveil you, first to My friends and then to the world.

Remain faithful to Me and remain veiled. An adulteress woman seeks to unveil her beauty to fulfill her desires and her pleasure. You have I reserved for My good pleasure. Have I not said that there will be NOTHING hidden that will not be brought out in the open?

I alone reserve the right to unveil you.

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