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by Pam Clark

Many people want to be led by the Lord, especially with the prophetic ministry. Some things, when you read them in the Bible seem almost to present a magical and mystical way to live life. If you can just find the right prophet, you've got it made - it's like the next best thing to God in the flesh.

Some were smart and "hired" prophets. They saw a gift of revelation or divination (which is the perverted gift of revelation) and knew that to keep the person around, they had to pay them, so the prophet or diviner could eat too!

But if that was a prophet for hire by man, it was in the best interest of the "prophet" or "diviner" to say the right things! Now the Bible says that hirelings run when trouble comes. They really don't care when the sheep are in trouble, but you also have to consider that if the local shepherd struggles, so do his sheep. They need each other. In the Bible there was one prophet who was stolen away for a better deal and that probably happens pretty often today, too!

Now of course, if it is God who gives the gift, there is a Divine Plan and Purpose going on. Some things are just wisdom in the way a parent knows what a child needs or is thinking before the child does, and that is very helpful! But then there is revelation that comes from the Lord that serves a purpose for life, living, and the Kingdom of God.

The enemy will counterfeit to destroy lives, and that is why Jesus taught that you must know a tree by its fruit. If someone tells you they have the plan and the way but you look at their life, kids, or ministry and it's not working, then you have the right to second guess their "gifting."

Some suffer for righeousness' sake and some suffer for foolishness' sake and I think we all do a little of that, even if we are Christians. We are just not "instant perfection" yet. In the catching away, yes, but so far here, no. Some suffer because they are trying to change the status quo, be it for their personal life, or as a ministry, secular or religious.

Some choose, as Moses did, to relieve suffering and they give up the world system of profit and become poorer that others might benefit. Some do that full time, like Anna in the Temple who gave up her life for prayer and ministry to others; and some do it for a season, till the goal is accomplished.

All of that is a choice. Most people seek prophets and prophetic words because they are trying to alleviate their suffering. Some want to change their lives for the better and others are just into "the news." Some like to see what the "glory train" is all about, so they try their hand at it. You see it all.

Some manipulate for man's rewards and some struggle for God's rewards. Some do it to make a buck, and some do it because they care about the struggles and pains of humanity. Not every minister meets every need that comes along and so some travel till they find the ones that help, and some just go through ministers like Kleenex - use them and then throw them away, soiled.

There is a God who judges all that, because He knows men's hearts. Each of us should really carry the fear of the Lord in our souls. But there are those who truly do seek the Lord because they have honor for Him in their hearts. They recognize who He is and that He is at work in the earth for the benefit of all He has made and they see the vastness and intricacies of who He is. He is worthy of praise!

Many seek and pray and ask God to be led. And to a certain degree, He is very willing. But some park their brains and even their hearts to such a degree that they give up their own birthright of knowing God. They either fear to know Him or think they can't and trust another person over His willingness to speak to them. People who follow the Lord know when others are seeking Him because there are some patterns to it that lead to the roads of abundant Spirit life living and that is what He came to offer.

Some are after the end product but some are for the journey as well as the Prize. When seeking to be led by God, we need to know what He will and will not do. There are many things God will do if the Spiritual conditions are met. Books could be and have been written on it.

But we need to know what God will not do and what He will not take responsibility for in our lives. God will never be held accountable for decisions that only we can make. He will never take the blame for things that we had a choice in doing. He will help us through our choices but He won't make our choices. He also expects us to understand that there is an enemy spirit and He exhorts us frequently in His Word to overcome.

God leaves many personal decisions up to us

Sometimes God will lead you to wear a certain type outfit because it may carry a ministry, but God is not going to tell you what to wear everyday. Sometimes the Lord will lead you in certain dietary decisions for your health, but most of us have enough variety that we can make choices in how we eat.

Job 34 (LB):
2 "Listen to me, you wise men.
3 We can choose the sounds we want to listen to; we can choose the taste we want in food,
4 and we should choose to follow what is right. But first of all we must define among ourselves what is good."

God wants us to choose Him. Over and over in Scriptures He exhorts us to choose good, but He leaves the choosing up to us. Some things are logical and some things are practical. When His Spirit is not leading us specifically, then we obviously must choose the logical.

There are places in the Spirit where Spirit logic supersedes natural logic, but mankind is made up of three parts - body, soul and spirit - and we must tend all three parts to be fully healthy! Some might want to sit and wait for God to tell them what to do in ministry, but they may wait a long time, because they are not being practical. First the natural and then the spiritual. If we are faithful in the natural, He will entrust us with true riches!

God will not do what we should practically do

If we have to pray about helping someone get up who has fallen down, we probably will have to look for someone else to give us our next word or leading. As the book of James says, if we say "be warmed and filled" and don't do anything to help, it's worse than saying nothing! God will not tell us to do those things that we should "practically" know. Not everyone will see things the same way but that is where the Spirit will come in and minister the Spiritual truths that we need. We will hear those directions clearly when we have God's goals in mind.

God will not lead us out of willful sin

Also, God will not lead us away from willful sin. Sometimes we are blessed to have great parents and intercessors, but we all too often know when we do willful sin. God will give us a choice in that, even to the point that sometimes we really can hurt other people. Then we reap their pain, too.

Many things we can have a guard up about but the fact that we have been given choice and the ability to love like Him leaves us open to getting hurt. The choice was there in the Garden and is still here today.

God will not lead us on expressing affection

And expressing affection is another thing that God will leave up to us. He likes to know He is appreciated just like we like to know that from our family and other people. God will not often say "Be nice to that person in your life," because He wants your affection to be true to Him and to others.

The Lord has given us guidelines for dealing with others and if we choose to transgress, as He wrote, sin is waiting to get you to conquer you but you must master it. Do we want a sweet life? Then we can choose to be sweet to others. Sometimes we can ask God to help us be sweet and He will do that if we are sincere and humble, but our affection is an area that He leaves up to us.

God will not force anyone to marry another

Many want God to help them find a mate, and He will do that, but He will not "make" anyone marry or "like" someone else. He has a plan for marriage, He knows it can bring out our best life and produce Godly seed for His glory, and He knows and has told us in His Word that two are better than one and unity is better than strife and division because together the greater good can happen. But sometimes we have to go on when affection is not returned, even when it hurts a lot. He works out the details of our lives when we put Him first.

God will not back what He did not start

Another thing that God will not do is a project He didn't back. Some people get great ideas for God, even in ministry, but they didn't originate with Him. Some go into unequally yoked relationships, with friends or in business and then wonder why "God" didn't come through! But did they honor God in that business - did they put Him and His Word first? Were they using God or serving God? If they were serving Him, even if there is trouble or a struggle, He will use that for good. (Romans 8:28)

God will not take the responsibility of us doing our part

God will just not take responsibility for doing things that are your part to do. We all want a perfect world but if you look around and use your brain you will see that we are in this together to do the best that we can. It's why we so very much need the other true believers in the Body and need to use the Spiritual discernment that He gives us.

You may not be the most popular, but you may be very happy if you do it God's way. And if you really choose to serve Him, there will be some grateful people out there who will express that Love of His to you. Somehow, He will just see to it! Our sufferings and even our deaths are very precious to Him. He will not lose one because He is the Resurrection and the Life that overcomes death. You just can't find a better God!

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