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by Pam Clark

Tonight an old friend called me up and wanted to know what was going on. Well, some of the things I have been going through lately have not been pleasant or fun. Finances are tight, friends have let me down, I've been hurt. It happens.

But I am not one who makes a monument to a grudge, not if I can help it. Look up! That's where God is!

Some conversations will bring you down, but since this person was a friend, I opened up some, and it seems God has had several friends call me lately, because they have sensed concern for me. I've had a little concern for myself! My feelings have been quite hurt over some issues. But my faith was still strong.

But God knows how to minister and through the Holy Spirit, He has, through these others. He knew I needed to be provoked a little so the life would come out because sorrow was trying to enter in.

This brother asked me, "What do you see God doing?" after we had talked about several other things and personal friends we knew. It seemed like a dam broke inside.

I said, "Do you want to know what I see? Do you really want to know??? I see a Glory Cloud coming!!! I see the most awesome Glory Cloud. When people walk into it, they will be healed. They will be restored. They will have Life and ALL of its abundance. I see a Glory Cloud coming!!!

I see God separating the faithless from the faithful. I see Him separating the liars and the cheaters from those with a pure heart. I see blessings becoming a reality rather than something just talked about and promised.

I see a testing time coming to full fruition. I see those who despise God being set back. I see those in satanic worship going through the fire and judgment that they have wished upon others. I see horrible times coming for the sinners who will not repent. I see God restoring His Name!

I see people with secret agendas getting exposed. I see people with Mystery Babylon spirits of 'I can't share this unless you commit to me and this' being blasted. I see Light coming that will expose in a big way the darkness.

But most of all, I see a separation coming for God's people. I see miracles coming, arms and legs growing out, creative miracles in mass abundance for the people of God - their full inheritance finally being restored.

I see the shekinah Glory of God coming and visiting, that will ultimately take us up and take us Home, reuniting us with our loved ones. I see love here on earth. I see the knowledge of the Lord and the Glory of the Lord covering the earth, as the waters cover the sea.

I see it pooling into different areas, and the people coming and getting blessed, blessed, blessed, and I see it beginning to happen now!!! It's just beginning!!!

I see tears wiped away from hearts and eyes. I see babies growing up with trust. I see broken bodies and broken lives healed. I see true families in God. I see compassion rolling in like a river THROUGH the people of God!!! I see people wanting to be clean and pure.

I see compatibility and Godly lifestyles. I see people really caring, not just lying about it, saying they care when they don't really.

I see people getting right with God, hating the garmets soiled and stained by the flesh. I see answered prayers for the benefit of the saints.

I see lies being exposed and shown for what they are. I see man made agendas coming down and the true agenda of God coming forth in powerful function and ability. I see His dominion taking over the earth!!!

Why do I see all that? Because I am a prophet and that is The Vision of God. I see false doctrines being exposed and uprooted. I see the land purged and fallow. I see God coming with His supernatural seeds of glory life and sowing into that ground. I see life and righteousness and love springing forth.

Why haven't we seen all this? Because we have compromised. Because we haven't spoken about God aright. Because we haven't declared truly His sovereignty and love.

Because we haven't declared and believed that He is the Maker of Heaven and Earth and given Him the glory for it. He is!!! And, He loves us!

We have not declared His love to a sinful and dying global generation.

He loves us too much to want keep us in our sins. And He does love us enough to test us and see where we want to be. And He will separate and judge us according to our hearts' desires.

There is a Glory Cloud coming. The name of it is Resurrection Power and Glory Restoration. People will either be in the Light of that Life, or in the darkness.

There is a Glory Cloud coming, and it's here to bless the people of God.

There is a Glory Cloud coming and the sinner will not be able to enter in. Though they try to come in the wrong way, they will not be able or allowed to enter in.

There's a Glory Cloud coming and it's for the people of God. There's a Glory Cloud coming!"

This word was received and given around 1998. If the vision tarries, wait for it!