Many people have written to say that this ministry is a blessing to them and how grateful we are because that is exactly what we want it to be -- a tool to help others mature in their Christian life and in prophetic understanding.

As a ministry, we seek to equip, train, nurture, educate and do effective outreach to the poor and needy as well as further the Gospel (Good News!) of our Lord Jesus Christ in quality and outreach. We believe strongly in winning souls and our call is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to help encourage, heal, and raise up those with ministry callings.

If you would like to bless and further this effective ministry, we will gratefully receive your financial donations. You may do this easily through PayPal, a secure online means of transferring funds that is quick, easy, confidential and safe.

There are no extra fees to you for using this service, just simply fill it out as if you would a credit card purchase using the selected email destination as that we are signed up under. You do not have to join to donate!

Just fill out the information on the following page and receive our grateful thanks for your kind and generous support that is so needed for this full time ministry. God bless you as you help us to bless others,

Pam Clark


You may also send gifts to Pam Clark by mail to:

Pam Clark
Trumpet Wind Ministries
Post Office 484
Moravian Falls NC 28654 USA