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Note from Pam: This was posted on The Journey List, our e-newsletter on December 31st, 2005.

by Pam Clark (

This is the time of year when people are putting out their prophecies for the new year. I have already started receiving a number of them in my mailbox.

From very good things coming to very bad runs the gammut of them. Not that long ago I was looking through the ones posted for last year and honestly, did not see that many that impressed me in looking back. If you feel differently about some, please pass them on! I may post them to give credit where credit is due.

But for the most part, from one extreme to the other, and even if in coded veiled words some things happen, what did they do FOR us? Were we benefited? Were we helped? Did we get closer to the Lord over it? If so, then it was a helpful or worthy word.

There are some ministries for all of us that inspire us and this is good. And some things are riddles, which to a degree can be beneficial if they don't confuse us more. To seek God out is a good thing, a commendable thing, it is a right thing. Some words cause us to hope, some cause us to pray, some cause us to ponder and think and reflect and perhaps repent.

But sometimes we can get so lost in the murkiness of the soup that we don't accomplish anything, we just toss the componets of the soup around to each other like it means something and we don't know what we are doing. I don't want to post something just because it's "out there."

Sometimes I post words, not always because I believe in them, but because they did get on the radar screen and need to be considered. Then times proves them.

Most of us, if we can keep shuffling life, think we are doing pretty good and surviving. But is life doing you or are you doing life? This last year has not been my easiest year, and I am sure I have said that before. Maybe you did too. Somehow, the older you get, the more you see that you don't always want to see! Life has enough treasures in it though to keep us going.

And that is what I want to address about the new year. Are you prepared for the treasures? Are you in a position to find and receive them? Is life murky or is there something of quality effort that you can do?

I learned early on not to put my Spiritual trust fully in others. As time has gone by, I can't say that has gotten any better, and the opinions of others do not impress me that much, which I know can seem indifferent or cynical, but it's really not. It's discerning on my part. I can't answer for others and they can't answer for me. Most have enough on their plates with themselves. Some worry about others not tending their own.

But I do work to know my place in God. And sometimes I feel less capable than at other times but I still know that I can DO something about some things. When I am fully im-potent, then I guess my time will be up too, but as long as there is something I can do some way and I have the willingness to do it, I am alive, in God.

What are the treasures? Aren't they the things that have value, that touch us, inspire us, and motivate us? So what are we looking for? Pie in the sky, tragic events, things to scare us into responding, greater wisdom, what?

Life is going to give disappointments and life is going to give joys, if we have the eyes to see them. When my mailbox gets full of murky things, I just often turn it off. I am not going there. Sometimes I work to see if I might be missing something, but if God is Light, then in His Light I will see light. And when I don't, I know I don't. I don't have to follow the crowd.

Most of the time there is enough good sense out there to keep us on track, but these are troubling days if we have known better ones before. And often with age, you can say that, but the times really have changed in lifestyles. It's not what it was like when I was growing up! ha ha. But do we fret, get anxious, try to outwit it, or do something about it?

Like young love, for those coming to know Him, you don't want to spoil the honeymoon. There are enough devils out there that will come along, as it is. It is important that the grounding be good and I can't thank God enough for the good grounding in the early days that I got. I wish that for others. Life is going to get hard, really hard at times. But we are told to not lose heart and that for many can be the biggest challenge.

When I see all the efforts that people have made to help others, like these storm victims, I am touched. There is goodness in people's hearts. What is wrong is the Spiritual leaders who don't appreciate them. Over time, you find out how you can trust. And I am glad that storms don't come along every day but there will be enough to keep us busy.

So what happens when we aren't appreciated? What about when we aren't understood or we see that people just want to use us and the faith and the friendships aren't as deep as we thought they were? Do we give up?

One thing I have found, if goodness is in there, it can be resurrected. Not everyone's gifts work the same way and I have also found that God keeps the show going on. He has His people in place when often they are veiled.

People can surprise you! Both in good ways and in bad. But because it is often veiled, all we can do is trust the Lord. He said to look for the fruit. But that certainly does not mean that we are to be judges as if we have arrived and others have not.

We all have good and bad fruit. So what do we do about it? What do we cater to? If we are Christians, certainly we have remorse for where we have failed. But if we stay in the land of defeat, all we will get is the multiplication of others also defeated. Misery loves company - for a little while! Then it's time to get up and moving on.

We will all answer to God someday. It could be any day. I believe in the Rapture, some do not, but yea or nay, I could meet God today! Tribulation can be here already for many. Read the news? What matters? Isn't it that we can do something and do?

The prophecies are going to come and the prophecies are going to go. Obviously many are missing it. Some just want to be prophecy "stars." With the variety that are out there, anything goes. I wonder if it was like that in the 400 years before Jesus came. There was no sure word, other than the written Word, and many speculators as there are today. Time will judge many words but it's not my place or desire to beat them up over it. I just want them to own up to it in themselves and work to get it right.

What matters? Isn't it that we LIVE for Christ? He paid the Price. Our pain is not always His gain unless it's in His service. But so much can be done without denying ourselves that when we do deny ourselves, it really is a precious gift. The gift is that I can do something. The blessing is that the treasures are out there.

When we know His depths, we will be veiled, because we have to search for Him as for hidden treasure. He has many treasures, whether it's in a young child or a seasoned saint. It's not about age. Wisdom does not always mean great wealth. And that's okay, because isn't it about Him more than the money?

Yes it takes money to live and produce and accomplish things but little can also be much if God is in it. You can't buy a dream in the night that gives you the direction you need to go. It's a gift. But then being able to do something about it, that is the treasure and when you discover these treasures in yourself and in others, you can be a happy person.

I wish you His treasures! In 2006, and beyond! In seeing Him, you will have Him. That is the greatest Treasure of all!



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