Church Issues

There are many issues that deal with the Church as we know it today.
Many are learning and many are struggling with issues relating
to relating in the Church.
Many have good intentioned desires, and many have really studied to learn.
Many are totally lost, and some are totally hurt and disillusioned.

God meant for us to be BLESSED in the Church!!!
We will try to deal with some of these sensitive issues.
This is a new section, so give us time to develop it.

Feel free to send your comments.
(Nothing too long!!!! Things will be kept simple for this.)
You can email us
We will try to address as much as we possible can.

We are seeking to find solutions for problems.
Please pray for us as we seek to minister on this crucial subject.

He did not mean for us to carry all the weight on our shoulders
when He said it was really upon His!

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