by Pam Clark

To be quite honest with you sadly, there has been very little lately in what I have read in the so called "apostolic movement" that has impressed me. Now I am not saying that to offend anyone, but rather am just being honest. Most of what I see in the apostolic movement today is people excited about "being" an apostle or "having" an apostle, but I am not seeing Jesus, The Apostle.

There are "apostles" who are going to "whip us into shape" and "apostles" who are going to set things in order for the rest of us, and "apostles" who are going to be "the government" for the Body of Christ. Those are all things that in the Spirit of Christ that can be noble, but to be honest, my heart has not witnessed Jesus.

I see the "form" and the "method" but not the Love. I see the structure and the order, but not "The Man" Christ Jesus. The word apostle now is a buzz word, supposedly meaning that something of God is happening. Well, I am looking for the attributes of God as expressed through Jesus, the Apostle and High Priest of our faith. I don't care about your badge, I want to see Jesus.

People were very excited when the prophetic movement began and you realized that God still had or was bringing forth prophets to the Body. What people, I think, were excited about, was having a word from the Lord. But many words went forth, and not all of them were from God.

As one who received a prophetic call, I have agonized over its meaning and function. And I can say to you that I am not a prophet 100% of the time, even though I have the full time "office" calling that's an appointment for duty or a job.

There are times when an anointing comes upon me and I function as a servant for God, but I must work and apply myself and continually humble myself for that anointing to flow and operate, and even then, it is a short term gifting, in the sense that my total life is not 100% purely and totally the prophetic work of God.

As I mature, the gift gets stronger and more prolonged in its stamina, but my goal, to be honest with you, is not to be a "100% prophet." The work of a prophet is not to be a servant of the people only, but a servant of God and the demonstration of His heart and will. That may not please some, but neither is it meant to be offensive, but redemptive.

My goal is to be a recipient of the Spirit of God which is the grace that comes through His Son. And Jesus was the consumate apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. He was the Law fulfilled in the flesh. He was the full God man which encompassed all aspects of living.

It would be wrong to just focus on one part! He was Jesus the babe, Jesus the child, Jesus the young man, Jesus the adult, the full man who gave all of His life, even unto death. He functioned as a priest, an apostle, a prophet, a teacher, an evangelist and Shepherd of the flock.

To be honest with you, I have to receive His ministry before I can be His ministry. That means I need the other parts of the Body to fulfill my call!

God bless the people called to printing that made available the written word of God for me. God bless the audio people in every aspect of the audio industry who help make the spoken word available through radio, television and sound systems. Is that a so called "five fold" office ministry call? Maybe not, but they are vital to my calling just the same!

God bless those in the food industry who supply the meals and untensils so I can enjoy life and Godly fellowship. God bless those in the construction industry who supply the buildings and in the transportation industry the automobiles, and those in electricity and water and every other part of society that makes life healthy and quality living. I can't get by without them!!! My gift does not function without their parts! I am no better than they!!!

I can't go with positional worship of ministry. I am called to minister but my call is just to supply its part even though it is a sacred calling. There is a proper way for it to function, but I NEED you, and you need me in the Body, and we all must work together as a whole! I may be proficient in an area because the Holy Spirit has divided that part unto me, but the full Christ is in the full Body, who is submissive to Him and serving.

I'm not sure what all the apostles are supposed to be, but something inside tells me that I haven't seen it yet. That is not to put down those whose efforts are to bring it forth. I do want to support them!

But I need to see Jesus in it, the Jesus who has a personality of love and service and sacrifice and redemption, the apostle who restores life as a whole to the way that it should be for all of mankind to live His Life in Love, in Peace, and with Joy. It's a reality that can happen, it's a Promise being fulfilled, and I NEED the apostles as much as they need me.

The word apostle means "sent one" and that has the meaning of delegate as well as one being sent out. The sending out comes from the Spirit on the Throne into the earth bringing restoration and redemption. Isn't that how Jesus did it? He came and for this purpose was made manifest, to destroy the works of the devil.

Sadly, we often don't know what the works of the devil are until we see the Light of Life, for we've been blinded by our sin. And that sin nature is something we acquired in the past, from the Garden, and it's not something we just decided to do one day. We all sinned in our father Adam and mother Eve, for we were in their loins. But Jesus was, too, and through the power and gifting of the Holy Spirit from God, He came forth.

So we don't need to do finger pointing for sin, but we do need to search out revelation for the holy light of life to remove the darkness of death into everlasting joy and life. We need each other and we need God.

I don't just need Him, I want Him, and believe that you do, too. We are in this together and He has the Answers, ALL of them, not for just a few, not just for some, but for all, for who so ever will, and His desire is that it be for all of us. It is not for man to judge who is "in" and who is not. The Light of "who so ever will" welcomes all.

The revelation of God is at hand.

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