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NOTE FROM PAM: I appreciate this fresh approach on forgiveness. Many preach forgiveness without holding the standards of God and the need for confession. I think the Body is coming into a major breakthrough realm where the unconfessed sins dumped on them by their elders through false accusations and intimidations is going to be broken.

The Body is going to awaken to True Righteousness and not buy the lie that you can sin and get away with it just because you are an elder in the Body. But instead we will learn the ways of holiness and relationship with God and each other that will break the unrighteous claims of the evil one and we will break forth into a true liberty that empowers the Body with the True Power of God.

Let us not be guilty of false accusations, being like children of Israel, who when delivered from Egypt ended up being just like their former cruel taskmasters. The True Pure Body must rise up with the power and understanding of forgiveness and Love based on the Word of God, not man's flesh and opinions. When we desire to extend grace, but know its borders, we will be a shining testimony in the earth of God's Love. I am excited about this post. There is grace for all, God's way.



But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.
Mark 11:26

Forgiveness is the key that unlocks your freedom in Me. You are forgiven, period. You are to forgive, period. What could be simpler?

It is by My grace that you are forgiven. It is by My grace that you forgive. For it is not a natural thing to forgive, but a spiritual ability, a spiritual activity.

Just as you were created in My image, you were created to forgive. Therefore, do the spiritual thing ... forgive. My heart of forgiveness is planted deep within you. It is time to cling to My heart in the matter, for it is a heavy temptation, not to forgive.

Hard, oppressive, even fearful, are the ways of unforgiveness. That is how hearts are made hard and bitterness sets in ... from unforgiveness. To walk in freedom, you are to walk in forgiveness ... for you and for others.

Now, there are some things you should know regarding forgiveness. I have asked that you forgive, as I forgive. This is the principle you are to follow; I forgive those who confess their sins. I forgive those that ask for My forgiveness. You are to forgive those who confess their sin, those that ask for your forgiveness.

That is the pattern of forgiveness in My Kingdom. That is how you are to forgive others. Does that mean you forgive those that hate and despise you, yet do not ask for your forgiveness? No, I have commanded you to love your enemies and pray for those that despise you and hate you. You are to pray that their eyes are opened to their sinfulness and that they will ask for forgiveness. That is a demonstration of My love. Do as I would do.

That is their only hope. Therefore, with My heart of love, intercede for them. That is what true intercession is ... standing before Me, for others, pleading for the grace needed that others may repent of their sinfulness and be saved.

You are My representatives in the earth. You are in the world, to be a bright Light of My grace and mercy. Be a witness of My grace and mercy in your own life. Then, when those that have sinned against you ask for forgiveness, give it to them graciously. Just like I do. Show them My grace that I have placed in your heart to forgive.

Much error surrounds forgiveness in the Kingdom. Much has been taught, that must be untaught. If you show forgiveness to those that are unrepentant, then you are telling them that repentance is not needed. I do not forgive without repentance. But My grace is available to all that have a broken and a contrite heart. Those, whose heart is broken because of their sinfulness.

I do not despise the brokenhearted, but welcome them to My side. You are to be just like Me in this regard. Forgive, just like I forgive. Would I ask more of you than what I do? Seek My Face. Seek My Heart. Then, call upon My Name. Call out to Me. Then, I will show you how to forgive, I will touch your heart, to be just like Mine. Freely you have recieved, freely give. Be free. Be a witness of My forgiveness in the earth.

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