Prophetic Warnings

This Page will be dedicated to prophetic warnings
submitted by members of the Body of Christ
as the Spirit leads...

Note from Pam: We prophesy according to our faith. We grow from strength to strength, faith to (higher) faith, and from glory to glory to glory in the Kingdom of God. Kim Clement said it best for me when I had wrestled in my spirit with a false accusation saying that I had imitated somebody else when I knew I had not. Kim stated that God gives the prophetic word/sound in the heavenlies and that His prophets hear it and pick it up. I realized that we hear "the word" or "the sound" and then translate it into our own language and way of speaking. Obviously some will be better and more mature than others, but we still need every member of the Body of Christ.

The same thing can factor in the gift of interpretation of tongues. It can be a translation of a known tongue but it can also be the "interpretation" of that tongue. Let all be done to the glorifying of JESUS! Have patience with one another as we learn and grow. And, it is not wrong to honestly share prophetic words with one another from someone else. Don't let the devil defeat your ministry! It is needed! Those who try to gain ground by lying and imitating others will find themselves not able to stand when God's true shaking occurs.

Have faith in GOD. He will never fail you. His Written Word is sure. He knows best how to help His people understand and will use people to His benefit and glory. Just stay pure in your own heart and life.

April 29, 1997 Prophetic Warning by Raymond Aguilera

September 23, 1997 Prophetic Warning by Bob Nuemann