Rules of the House

for Pam Clark Prophetic Ministries

(and good advice for other groups)

Holiness unto the Lord. (The Word is final authority.)

Respect and love for one another.

Respect for authority and the order of the House.

Personal prophecies---

    ........At appointed or designated times with no more than 2 or 3 at a time (within reason for the season, we want to follow Scripture and good sense.)

    ........No yelling -- people can hear, and so can God and Satan. (Authority is not necessarily in the volume.)

    ........One person at a time --or the person can't hear what is being said!

    ........No excessive or improper touching.

    ........No hitting or pushing on the person. (Please remember that the person is not the devil in the warfare.) Use good judgment!

    ........Do not be competitive with the other ministers.

    ........Respect the order of the House.

    ........Respect the order of the speaker and the order of the ministry.

    ........Your gift will be used more if it is under control. (Some refrain will take you to higher places.)

    ........Do not be public with private matters.

    ........Do not give it unless it is ok to document it--for everyone's safety and blessing.

    ........Take problems and doubts to the leadership--especially the obviously wrong--we want to protect the flock--not everyone is mature and understands everything.

    ........If you believe you have a word for the leadership, choose an appropriate time and method. It is out of order to give a leader a message, especially something that would be personal, before or during their ministry time, as it could undermine or be distracting. It is best to write down your word with your name and phone number or address, so you may be accountable and so they may contact you to thank you if they would want.

    ........Realize not everyone is always "right on"--we are learning here and undoing the wrong we have encountered.

    ........Have grace for others--God and people had grace for you.

    If anyone wants to pull you aside to give you a "personal" prophecy, remember that it is being done without the covering of the House.