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I was born in Houston, Texas on January 1, 1951 at 4:28 a.m. When my Dad was mad at me one day, he said, "Your mother and I should have done something else that Easter morning!" -- meaning by that, I was conceived on Easter, due on Christmas and born on New Year's Day. Is that prophetic? I don't know.

(Maybe my parents should have gone to church! He was not saved then.) Truly, a big part of the prophetic life is learning how not to let rejection get to you. (And since then God has healed tremendously that relationship.)

I grew up in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood (Bellaire/Meyerland area) here in Houston and several years ago took a beginner Hebrew course, at the Jewish Community Center across the Bayou from where I lived. I had two incredible instructors who impacted my life. In the course of the first Section, the first teacher announced that we would soon be getting our Hebrew names.

I prayed so hard that I would get the one God wanted me to have. I came to class the next week, and the teacher said, "I don't have them yet, it will be next time." So I prayed even more.

Finally, the day came. When she came to me she said, "Pam, your name could be one of three names: one, "Paz" which means gold, the next one means pearl, and the last one is "pamela" which is a sweet fruit in Israel." My Heavenly Father had given me my names! I was astounded, because she was very Jewish. Her family had been a part of those who rescued other Jews fleeing out of Austria during WW2.

So I picked the first one, "Paz" which meant gold, which she said could be feminized to "Pazeet." I felt like they all were from the Lord, but I also felt like I was going through the fire, so with that and another reason, I chose that.

Before I was born my parents knew that they wanted my name to be Susan but they could not think of a middle name they liked. Then my mother saw the book "Pamela" at my grandmother's house and liked that name, so I was named Pamela Susan.

Lest you think I am boring you with all that, I am leading up to something the Lord spoke to me. All my life as a kid I never liked my name. No real reason, I probably just didn't like me. But one day, after this, I was at work, and while there I was thinking about the meaning of names and my name when the Lord started speaking.

I had decided by then of course, that my name was not such a bad name, and then the Lord suddenly spoke to me that yes, He did name me. He said, "Yes, you will be gold tried in the fire and you will come out as very fine gold, which is the type of gold that "paz" means. You will be as transparent gold. And you are my pearl of great price, but your name "pamela" means sweet fruit of Israel and I have named you that prophetically for My last days Revival of the Holy Spirit whose fruit is sweet. And yes, you were named after a book, My Book!"

I was floored. My life has been anything but dramatic by world standards. In many ways, I am very blessed, and I have also suffered some hardships. I can tell you things that would make you rejoice, and things that would make you cry, but the bottom line is that my life is in His Hands. When I put it there, I gave it to Him to keep and I have not taken it back, nor would I, if I could.

As a child, I used to write prophetic poems. I was saved in the Methodist Church at about 8 years old, but we didn't have terms for that in those days that I knew about. I just knew that one day while sitting on some steps talking to God after a Sunday School class, I had an encounter with God and I was never the same. I had been asking Him if that stuff I learned was true or not. A God presence came over me and an awesome God consciousness came within me that has never left.

For years, I never even knew that that was the born again experience. But a love for God came into me then, and I was taught right from wrong, but not really how to serve Him. I love my Methodist roots, they were good and balanced. But I didn't learn what faith commitment was to His Word; it seemed it was more toward good works and loving people, but I never saw the goal of it all. But a divine destiny was over my life. And after all the fires I have gone through, the thing that has stayed and remained with me is what I was taught over and over there, and that is that "God is Love."

The church has been there for me in many of my crises, but after going through a number of things, the Lord had to speak to me real plain and say, "You will be accountable to My Word. Everything is written in the Book. You have no excuse if you do not know, because I have given mankind My Book and you all will be judged according to that. If your ancestors did not teach you correctly, they will be held accountable as well as you."

Woah!, I thought. Is that fair? But if you really think about it, it is. Everyone has been given a measure of faith enough to believe. You can stir it up and do more with it and increase it, but the Word is plain that EVERY MAN (or person) has been given a measure of faith.

As a child I used to write prophetic poems-- words as if God were speaking and He was. But I didn't know what prophetic was! I knew He was special and that there was a joy serving Him in truth, (I had a lot to figure out as to what truth was). Here is one poem to give you an example:

    A messenger of God, that gift He gave to me
    To be one of His peoples, and if I can, help them to see

    That His way and His only, is the way to truth and love
    And without it, we are lonely, His will, that is, there of

    Which we while still uncertain, must live in, in spite of all
    And hold on to our knowledge, until we hear His call

    "Come forth, Come forth, My Children, A brand new day have I
    A brand new day, a brand new time, and it's older than the sky

    My precious little children, my love for you is deep
    I know through your pain and sorrow, sometimes I'm hard to keep

    But My words of reassurance, are with you once again
    For My things are eternal, it's time now to begin."

I wrote this poem as a young person, but I did not get the last phrase of it ("it's time now to begin") until years later, as God began wooing me. All this is a little mushy I know, but He is the Love of my life.

But I would write prophetically like that on occasions, and then it was in 1976, shortly after receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit, that He called me into prophetic ministry. (more on that in other sections) After a sad divorce, I grew so hungry for God. I was 25 years old and it was almost like I got saved all over again. But this time I was being drawn into a life commitment. "Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts: we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of thy holy temple." Psalm 65:4

What do I do as a minister? As a believer, I am called to share the gospel. Some call that witnessing, and I do that in the ways I know how. I have led many to Christ, but I love "sowing the Word," especially in ways that people don't even realize that I'm doing it. And I also love discipling, but I am not that easy on folks. [grin]

God often gives me insight into people and I sometimes know just what to say to make them think. It's fun, and I'm friendly, so they can come back and ask about more. That's good sowing. Some like to reap, and I love to let them reap! But I love to sow.

But I have also been called to ministry, and it took me a while to figure that out--especially in the way He wanted it done. Logically, if you have been called, the first thing you need to do is get a Biblical education and then serve everyway you know in the Church, not forsaking the needs of those in the world. (Some get so church minded, they are lousy witnesses.) Then God will promote you after that when your gifts have opportunity to appear and you can develop them.

I have always been able to write and a lot of my ministry is in that area, through correspondence, published articles, a monthly now bi-monthly newsletter called The Prophet's Pen, and a regular column in the Houston Christian Community newspaper. (Two of the papers I was in -- one mostly for blacks here in Houston and one in San Antonio were discontinued, but I am still in one as a column and and have just not submitted articles to any others lately. Other newsletters will pick up articles now and then and so does a trucker's ministry newspaper. I am very proud to be in all of them.) Many of the recent articles are posted here.

I have served in the church in a number of capacities, choir, working with children, adult Sunday School teaching, and singles leadership and altar ministry. I love the church but my best preparation for what I do has come in serving other ministries. And I am greatly enriched from the International Charismatic Bible Ministers Conference each year which is my covering.

I am called to raise up ministers. When I saw the need for the young prophets who needed help and the need for prophets to network in Biblical truth and accountability, (you can read about that online here as well) the Lord blessed and opened up The Prophetic Alliance in 1994 for twice monthly meetings and we have been very blessed in these last two years. Between that and writing and home - work, it keeps me busy!

I do some limited speaking but am mostly a writer. I have been a television guest on Christian programs four times--with the "Holy Women of God" weekly program with Sister Mary Spencer, the local "Praise the Lord" program (on the TBN affiliate here) twice and the "Meet the Pastor" program with Donald and Margaret Orand. I speak of course at The Prophetic Alliance, and occasionally as a conference guest. But my main call is intercession, getting into that place of worship where I hear His Voice and sense what His Spirit is saying. I pray and work for others to hear God for themselves.

God has a Plan and He wants us to get in it. Some of it is really not that hard!

If you want to know more, browse around! And if you want to send me email, I will work to answer as soon as I can! God bless you!

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