The Prophet's Pen by Pam Clark

January - February 1997 - Volume 14, Number 1
Post Office Box 883 ~ Grandview, MO 64030-0883 (updated)

Note: This lead article is written for the snail mail readers who are not yet on the Internet. Our feature article for this newsletter is listed online here under "Prophetic Articles," and also printed are some of the prophecies posted here under "Provoking Prophecies."

I am so excited about what God is doing all over the nation and the world! Enclosed in this issue are some exciting, challenging and convicting words!

But first I must do The Announcements, lest they get overlooked. Enclosed you will find the latest schedule for The Prophetic Alliance. Due to the increased number on the mailing list, we will not be sending out the usual post cards before each meeting--it is just not cost effective at this time. Therefore pull out the Calendar enclosed and set it up as your reminder.

By popular demand, we are now meeting twice a month again, on the first and third Friday. And speaking of money, your support is needed. We are growing and doing!

Now that we are getting World Wide Web exposure, more names are being added to the mailout, as well as the increased names around here! And the people who come to us with need will be ongoing. This last month we helped a woman who lost everything she owned (including some family members) in a house explosion, and I wish we could have done more. Pray for Sue; she is doing real well. It is wonderful to see God work in situations like that, and we need to be His glory and example everywhere we can! We do minister where we can. Would you please pray and ask God if He would have you give?

Because we want to be a ministry and we do not want to charge for the newsletter, it would make me sad, but if you want off the mailing list, we will honor that. God has continued to supply our need, but we donít want to waste the finances if you donít read it. If you do, and donít feel to give, itís OK! (So how do those who donít read this know to let me know? I donít know...pray about it!)

Enough on that! I am also pleased to announce that Jacqueline Meyers, Cavan Harris and David Carey have come on staff recently. What blessings they are! If you want to see how great they are, you will just have to come to a Prophetic Alliance meeting!

God is answering our prayers in so many ways. We are finally on the World Wide Web!! I canít tell you what warfare I had trying to get a web page set up, but now that it is set up, people are coming by. And, I am getting wonderful comments.

At first I thought I was just getting the usual bumps in the road in setting it up, but one day I really felt the almost physical wrestling of the enemy, and then I knew for sure that God had a plan for it. Two prophecies that I had been given in the past suddenly took on new meaning.

God called me in my prophetic calling in 1976. But I told Him and myself that I would not move out in it until (1) I knew more about what that meant and (2) I had two or three unsolicited confirmations. In 1983 the second confirmation came, and the word was, ďI had a dream last night about you...I believe you are one of Godís end time prophets...I saw your name in lights!Ē Well, I never shared that until just recently and the reason I didnít was because I did not want to be in self glorying. But as I was working on the site and saw the light coming out of the monitor screen, I knew this was a fulfillment of that prophecy!!!

The other prophecy was one I received from a gifted prophetic pastor at the Watchman on the Wall Conference before I ever got to know him personally. Since I tend to be pulpit shy, I didnít know how this would come about, but he said that God was going to give me more and more words corporately, and even words to nations. I wondered how that would happen since I am not a big traveller either. I take care of my father, ďPapa BearĒ he is lovingly called, and he is bedfast, so I donít get out much.

But I have learned to put prophecies on the shelf and not try to work them out--I just let God do the work if it is of Him. (You learn a lot that way.) But then I realized that through the Web, people from any nation can log on and see what is there, all for the price of usually a local phone call! I have already been corresponding with people from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Switzerland.

You may have heard a lot of talk about the bad stuff on the Internet, but I am hear to tell you, the devil is sad the Christian ever heard about it! There is INCREDIBLE NETWORKING! (That is another prophecy I got from several leaders that is coming to pass.) Glory to God!

Missionaries can go into foreign countries and have access to the wealth of materials in the United States or anywhere else. There can be instant information on what is going on. Sound and video are already available. I have been listening to Miami Christian Internet radio station (Christian music) and also to TBN right over my computer in my home! I have met incredibly wonderful people and it is amazing at the prophets who are finding each other and saying, ďGlory to God!!Ē

The enemy doesnít have a gift in the world in comparison to Godís if His people would just grow up into them! Oh is it ever time to grow up!!! This information increase will cause the end to come quickly.

I am not predicting any dates and millions will, but it should be enough just to be ready, because Jesus could come for you today! And if He does and you are ready, you wonít be sorry!

Let me just say that you might think the Internet is a million miles away from you, but I want to tell you that it is closer than you think. President Clinton announced in his last State of the Union address that he wants to see every 12 year old, no matter what their location or income situation, be able to log onto the Internet. The cost to get on will continue to go down and the ease of use will get easier and easier.

One of the things I have been blessed to find on the Internet (and I love to share the good things I find with you) is The Prophetic List monitored by Andrew Strom. People send in prophetic words, dreams and visions and question responses) and he picks the best 3-4 of them each day and sends them out to those who are on The List. Itís great! And itís free! Not everyone agrees with everything the others write (including me), but Andrew has great ability to be fair, balanced and has the ability to avoid strife.

I have shared three of these writings in this newsletter (by permission). I hope you will be blessed by them. And of course I will share more in the future as led by the Lord.

I was also blessed to meet a great guy named CR Martin through his Prophetic Site on the Net . He shares a lot of fascinating things, but one dream he shared recently had this in it:

He got this dream on the day of the State of the Union address and before the OJ Simpson verdict came down. I believe the enemy wants to use that and anything else he can find to keep Godís nations from coming together.

My interpretation of the ďmenĒ and the strange craft are Godís angels and weapons of warfare deactivating the enemy. The power is in our hands if we will learn how to use it.

ďWhen the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.Ē It can be so.

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