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The Prophet's Pen by Pam Clark

Volume XIII, Number 6 November - December, 1996
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The elections are over and I am in grief. I'll get over it, but it's the implications that concern me. God is God no matter what happens. Man can miss it, man can fail, but God will be God.

"Give us Barrabus! Forget Jesus. Crucify Him!"

"Give us a king! We want to be like other nations, give us a king! We don't want to be God's people!"

Jeremiah 44:16-17: "As for the word that you have spoken to us in the name of the LORD, we will not listen to you! But we will certainly do whatever has gone out of our own mouth, to burn incense to the Queen of Heaven and pour out drink offerings to her, as we have done, we and our fathers, our kings and our princes, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. For then we had plenty of food, were well-off, and saw no trouble."

Well, it seems right at the time, doesn't it? Months before the Presidential primaries, I went to the Lord and said "Who should our next President be?" He said, "Bob Dole," and so I praised God for the word and was not surprised when he ran and then won the nomination. He pulled in Bible believers as his running mates, his wife herself being a Spirit filled Christian and well respected in both party camps, yet the nation would have none of it.

If you sow immorality, you will reap it--in every area. I can understand a sinner who is not convicted by the Holy Spirit justifying having an abortion of a baby she does not want in the early stages--I'm not saying that is right, I can just understand the thinking, if they are not convicted by the Holy Spirit as to the value of life.

But it seems to me that even a sinner can understand that it is murder when you take a baby who is viable (capable of sustaining its life) outside the womb and brutally poking into its skull with scissors when it is only 2/3 delivered and sucking its brains out and crushing the skull. Our President signed a bill in favor of that; it was in the secular as well the Christian press all over the nation.

Baby Killer elected President!--with the help of Christians, who find it honor to be in association with him. Never mind the scandals, give us Barrabus! I honestly thought that the Christians were more united in prayer. But they would rather dress up and play act church than be church.

They gather and know "how to pray" but they don't reach Heaven with their prayers. Bob Dole ran a lousy campaign until the end where he proved his strength, but even with that, the economy was more important to people than righteousness.

No one wants a bad economy, even God, but He is looking for truth and a sacrifice of the heart. Do you think we made one? Even the warning of possible new leadership in Russia was not a deterrent. I want Clinton saved and living for God purely as much as the next person, but will that sudden change qualify him for Godly leadership? In my experience, I see God tear down a person to root out the evil plantings before raising them up into Godly leadership to get them on the right (and sure) foundation. But obviously, other people know more than I do! We have our king (or false messiah).

Never mind that many anti-Christian motivated people have been placed in positions of government. America is being torn down. We will surely get the prophesied persecution --many helped bring it on! The FOB's (friends of Bill) who are attracted to the charisma and flattering words have their positions improved in the sight of man.

Is this only a test? Read Daniel 8:23-25 NCV: "When the end comes near for those kingdoms, a bold and cruel king who tells lies will come. This will happen when many people have turned against God. This king will be very powerful, but his power will not come from himself. [Perhaps that power will come from sacrificing innocent babies on the altar of Baal --or Satan.] He will cause terrible destruction and will be successful in everything he does. He will destroy powerful people and even God's holy people. This king will succeed by using lies and force. He will think that he is very important. He will destroy many people without warning; he will try to fight even the Prince of princes! But that cruel king will be destroyed, and not by human power."

Thank goodness, God is still God!

"He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy." Proverbs 28:13

The true prophetic glorifies God. It is not if a person knows that there are pink tulips in the back yard and a green car behind the closed garage door. Those details may be accurate, but is the conviction of God on it for righteous living or is it just "divining"?

When you add the lure for riches with it, it is divining for profit. Some people are so spiritually bankrupt, they will stand in line for hours and give large sums of money sacrificially to hear they will prosper. But are they prospering in purity or only in a way where it will be taken away? Is there a sure foundation?

There is a poverty gospel and prosperity gospel, both of which are evil. And there is a "poverty" gospel and a prosperity gospel which is righteous. There are many who are willing to give up personal riches for the glory of God by blessing others and the work of God with what they could have spent on themselves. This is not evil--to not accumulate. But there is a false gospel that says you are closer to God if you are poor.

Well, that is just as bold of a lie as Satan told to Eve in Garden when he said, "You won't die!" When Jesus passed out the talents, the one who did not use his abilities, but hid them, was the one who was condemned, stripped and sent to outer darkness (Mtw 25:14-30). God made us to be productive and prosper--He said "Be fruitful and multiply." There are many ways to do that and all those ways should all glorify God. He is a loving God.

There are a lot of people prophesying who know incidents, but don't know the Spirit of God. There are a lot of people preaching who don't live up to their preaching. One big area is racism. They say with their mouth it is wrong, but don't live it. They preach it but you never see them having fellowship with those of other races except in tokenism. They will be judged for it. It's like putting a one dollar bill in the offering every time and saying they are givers when they haven't begun to even tithe.

There are those who preach what is popular and prophesy what is in vogue. They heard it somewhere else and it sounds good and is getting a response, so they say it, too. God works through that in spite of them, and sometimes it is very hurtful. God is looking at what is real in the heart--that is how He will judge it. God discerns motives. Since our minds are limited compared to His, He looks at the heart. Echoing a good word is not wrong.

Do we have faith? Do we have faith that His ways are right? It's the Age old question. Some have faith to move mountains, some have faith in God. Faith in God will move mountains! Some preach a "subject" gospel. Beware the snare. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a total life gospel, not just an expertise on a subject or two.

There are differences in people; we are not all alike, but we are all accountable before God and God says for us to get along. He is going to judge those who hold petty differences in a spirit of division, the same as He will judge those who say evil can be overlooked. Some claim they are offended just to get material gain.

Proverbs 24:24-25 (NIV): "Whoever says to the guilty, "You are innocent"-- peoples will curse him and nations denounce him. But it will go well with those who convict the guilty, and rich blessing will come upon them." [the word there is convict, not condemn]

Many people want to be popular prophets. They want the title and the position but they do not want to do the true work. A true prophet is called to turn people away from sin. Many have divining words, but do not convict the sinner. They have the popular words but do not bring people into holiness and a prosperity in God.

They flatter but do not convict. Is that God? No, it is false prophesying. Whom the Lord loves, He corrects. But many want to be friends with the popular, so they tell them what they want to hear. They want to know the future so they can manipulate it.

There are many who are very focused on predicting the "Rapture" and act like they "know" and manipulate people like crazy. They justify many of their works as "Christian" when they are really serving their own selfish interest, for popularity, fame and profit. These so called evangelists have turned away from the church and its teaching to do their own thing.

Many do not like the true prophet because of their work. They think they can get away with mocking, judging, ostracizing (turning them away), and condemning them and setting them up for a kill. They are wrong. They may get away with that for a little while, but not for long. God is looking at the heart.

The five fold ministry is to work together. That may let you know just how small the true remnant is! Evangelists cannot turn away from pastors and pastors cannot turn away prophets and teachers and the words of the apostles who come to set things in order.

Where there is a lack of understanding, there is a measure of grace, but if your heart is callous, you will miss the dealings of the Holy Spirit who is commanding you to get it right, and then you will be judged for what you do not know--for you turned away from the truth.

God is in charge of the Church, and He has a multi-fold ministry of different races and genders and Spiritual giftings. I was at a meeting this last week (as I write this) and was so refreshed to sing "Alleluia" without the hype that usually goes with it these days. It is a beautiful song, but has lately become so manipulative.

I was so refreshed to be in a meeting where Jesus was the star and not any man. Everyone bowed but not so that one or two might be the example "star" Christian. People were free to share what God was saying to them and the others could judge it and there was still order.

There are many ways to judge something. When a believer puts forth a word or a prophecy, you can learn to discern if they are young in the Lord, not fully versed yet in Scripture, or not fully seasoned yet in ministry. Many see mistakes, especially if they are theologically motivated, and jump on the first jot and tittle of error and ruin future ministries of God. I think as a minister, I deal with that more than anything.

People are going to make mistakes and some really do get angry when corrected and the evil of their heart is exposed. Some will deal with correction in humility and truth and some will go on a vendetta against the person or minister.

Instead of confronting honestly one on one with a teachable spirit as the Bible says, [Jesus is the One who said it], they will paint the person or the ministry and varnish the whole thing to others as a faulty ministry rather than isolating the fault and dealing and praying about that. It is judging.

Remember the parable Jesus told of two sons that their Father commanded? One said "OK" and did not and one said "No" but changed his heart and then did obey.

Jesus said to judge a tree by its fruit. In other words, when they have shoots and branches out of their trunk that bear seed, what will multiply? The fruit of their works (such as causing many to stumble, be hurt and turn away from God) is how you judge an evil motivated spirit. Some are just in error; some are in for self gain. Be careful how you judge. God can see things you can't!

Some may have wrong doctrine that love will correct. Some are hateful or spiteful in their correcting and damage the spirit. They will be held accountable.

The true Body of Christ will get it right and the true Body is out there! The true Body is for you getting it right. If you feel like you have done all you can to make amends, then do not be self condemned, for there is a Body out there in Christ who will accept you if you get it right. But the big problem we have today that you must understand is that there are consequences when you do it wrong, yet God can redeem just as parents are so often able to do.

The Body must correct the wrong and if you hate the one who is correcting you, you are wrong.

But some do not correct rightly and you must seek for the true. God did not say His Kingdom was coming on a silver platter and that you did not have to work for it. No! He said you must seek and work and in some areas be spiritually violent.

Some join the church and then expect the church to solve all their problems, putting all their burdens and assignments on others. And then they condemn when others don't carry their load or assignment. And they forget that we are all in a battle and that we all face a fight for the faith. They will lean on others only to find they will be the virgins without oil on the wedding day.

One of the biggest snares in the church today is not understanding others with different gifitings. Like-kinded (or gifted) people like each other and tend to reject those who are different. Grow up! Learn why there are the different giftings.

If you are blaming someone else for your problems with God, you are wrong! I think that is hardest to deal with when you have had false teaching. When people you look up to lie to you and teach false doctrine and you believed it, it is very hard, because in you is a respect for authority and for yourself--but there is still a One True God who has Integrity.

You just missed it, perhaps through no fault of your own, but the responsibility is on you to find it (which can take a lot of travailing prayer) and get it right. If something in you is crying out for better, it is out there in God.

In the Garden, Eve had to face the fact that she was deceived. She still had to face the consequences. Adam who was with her, the Bible says, was flat out wrong and had to pay the same price, so it's not who was wrong first but the answer was and is crying out to God in everything. If just saying "I am sorry," were enough, 6,000 years of living with the evil one would not have been necessary, Selah.

No one said God was always easy on you!--but the reward is great.

Don't you just love these people who are so in love with God that they don't have a care in the world? They wear pinafores and blow kisses and flower petals in the wind and life is such a breeze--just "rest in the Lord," they say, just "trust God." But they don't do any of the hard work! Or if they are called upon, they get upset and retreat and get out of fellowship. It's not life and death issues, but comfort and pride issues for them.

The baby Christian loves the individual attention that God and the Body of Christ give. But many do not want others to have the same joy and get competitive and jealous! God has catered to them but they do not want to grow up, work together and see the whole picture--and it's a big world God made! The adolescent Christian has knowledge, wants the perks, but resists the labors--not just in activities but in the sacrifice of the heart for others.

Ministry is hard! You are defending the lost and unlearned from an enemy who would devour on the spot for just being in the wrong place! You are very often on a dangerous rescue mission. The enemy is a strategist against ministry and the minister must be a strategist as well. Why is it a fight? I don't know, except for the value of it, but it is eternal life and death issues.

There are many who say they are of God but hate their brother through their actions or their words. The Apostle John who saw Jesus in His glory said that no man who hates his brother was a brother! Let them go, for the destruction of the flesh, until their need for God comes to their front and center. This is not to be manipulative!

The Prodigal's father knew the wisdom of letting his son come to himself, but he did not make it harder on him than was necessary. He let him go, but even with the provision for him to come back.

When someone has wronged you, it can be hard, but if you wish and pray the love of Jesus for them, you can overcome, for if they understood the way you do, they would not have done it that way, or perhaps even you will learn a better way. Be humble!

Quit lying and saying that you have forgiven when you haven't. That's why you read about all these "wars" in denominations. It's an abomination. There really is no forgiveness there although they speak piously, yet they cause the world to mock and blaspheme the Church of Jesus and cause much unbelief. They lie to gain an advantage in order to control. They are hypocrites.

There is a Body out there who can get along in spite of all the failures and shortcomings. They have a teachable, merciful, forgiving and a righteous spirit. They love truth and hate evil.

It is hard for Christians to understand evil because they are not supposed to. They can understand judgment--even if it is wrong judgment (because perhaps they are angry about something)--but they have a hard time understanding evil because they are not supposed to. They are not of that spirit!

Christians have the Spiritual gift of discerning of spirits, which can be a different meaning than the gift of discernment. Discerning of spirits is being able to determine if the spirits in operation are of God or not. A gift of discernment can be the gift of wisdom--knowing what to do in a situation to honor God. You can receive the gifts (or enablings) that you ask for. All the gifts are available, some are just stronger in you than others, but they are all given as the Spirit wills for the glory of God.

The five fold ministry is coming together. The Body is receiving them today with an even greater understanding. Again I say, please try to understand the different giftings and their purposes. They all make up a BIG picture of Jesus' dominion. There are no camps of this and that which are not in unity, and still can honestly say that they are in the will of God and building of the Body.

The five fold ministry is a ministry to ministers. Read the job description in Ephesians 4:11-16. They are called to EDIFYING IN UNITY. They are not opposed to each other. They cause the Body to come together and be fitly joined together. There are two callings to the prophetic. One is correcting and the other is foreseeing. Prophets see what is coming. They declare what they see by inspiration and proclamation.

The true apostles who are coming will take what is seen and heard and put it into order with the pastors and teachers and evangelists and other ministry gifts in the Church, causing greater unity and love and power in the Body. False apostles will seek to control people. The true apostles will see desolation and have the Spiritual gift of faith for the resurrection power of Jesus, restoring things to God's will, purpose and order and seeing many miracles, calling others into that order in service through liberty.

They are dependent as well on the other true giftings. They will be humble and will lead others in that way. I know there can seem like a lot of trick questions in this life, but the truth will set you free.

You can understand the path that will lead you to the prize of the high calling in Jesus and you will be glad you did! You will find LIFE, peace and rest for your soul!


The Lord is my Shepherd;
He will lead me in the way that I should go...