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Your Scriptures for Meditation - # 1
Your Scriptures for Meditation - # 2
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Published Articles-Section 1

"Warning! Cults! They Are Among Us!"
"Our Father"
"Bringing Forth Your Gift"
"Oh, Those Feelings!"
"What is God Reaping?"
"Who Loves Ya, Baby?"
"Mystery Babylon"

Published Articles-Section 2

"The Great Story Teller"
"When Your World Falls Apart"
"The Importance of Making a Stand"
"Use Your Gifts!"
"The Gospel is for Women"

Published Articles-Section 3

"Being Deceived"
"The Power of Humility"
"Choosing the Right Mate"

For Life's Hard Places...

Articles for the Hard Places - Section 1

"Mean People"
"When Life is Unfair"
"Would She Do It Again?"
"The Importance of Making a Stand"

Articles for the Hard Places - Section 2

"Dealing with Suicide"
"Struggling with Suicide"
"The Sin of Homosexuality and Sexual Perversion"
"Where are You?"
"Don't Be Lonely"

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