What Holds Back A Prophet?

by Pam Clark


A prophet is called to identify with Jesus. A prophet is called to forsake the world to hear and obey His Voice alone. A true prophet is to come into the position that he/she does not confer with flesh and blood in the assignment that has been given. A true prophet must be beyond human manipulation. A true prophet is a messenger. They are not the source of the message, they are the giver of the message. A prophet has flexibility in the relaying of the message, IF the message is not compromised. When the prophet is mocked, when those who are to receive the message shut their eyes, ears and hearts against a message from God, the prophet has no choice but to withhold the message or throw their pearls before swine.


The Laws created by men will hold back a prophet. God has taught His people to honor authority. There are messages of judgment that will stand against the Law in the Spirit of God through grace, but many laws are enacted in churches and governments to restrain the prophetic voice.


A prophet must obey no matter what the cost. When given an assignment, the prophet must follow it through. But all assignments and all words are given THROUGH and BY the Spirit of Love. When people clamor for advantages over righteousness, the prophet must restrain himself or herself or violate the Spirit of prophecy.


Prophets are also victims of satanic attack. A prophet is an intercessor. A prophet stands in the gap. The enemy will look for the weakness of the prophet for the prophets are direct threats against the kingdom of darkness. Prophets offer strategic plans and advice against the enemy. If the Church does not surround the prophet in prayer and love and ministry support, the prophet can fall. Prophets are human and need the same nurture all other Christians need. Prophets are not superhuman or omnipotent (all knowing). Prophets are gifts to the Body from the Body through the Spirit.


When the prophetic word is ridiculed, it must be held back. When the Church takes the prophetic word lightly, the prophet cannot operate effectively. Prophets must strategize in order to convey the message, and this is why trust in God's words and assignment is so apparently necessary. If prophets sound like the psychic hotlines, and fortune cookies and the other latest crazes, their words will not be received as from the Lord Most High. Trying to compete rather than proclaiming the Thus Saith the Lord will snare the prophet.


A prophet as well as the Body can be immature. A lack of Scriptural knowledge and understanding can cause the Body to be led astray and to use the prophet in another false manner. The immature prophet who does not understand his/her calling as an assignment can also be willingly inappropriately used, causing a snare to the prophet as well as the those who should receive the prophet's words. Remember Balaam.

7. SIN

Sin will cause the prophet's words to be polluted. Sin will cause the Body (the hearers) to not hear the prophetic word correctly. They will hear words twisted or backwards or mixed up because they have set an idol before their hearts and it will confuse the word of God that would so desire to get through to them. Sin will curse both the prophet and the Body. People will not understand why the prophet or Body is judged when 90% is correct, but 10% is falsehood. We must also hold our own selves accountable and study and pray to show and keep ourselves approved that the Holy Spirit may bear witness and confirm the prophetic word.


Isolation or partiality can cause the prophetic word of God to become unbalanced. Jesus declared that His House would be a House of Prayer for ALL nations. The Jews put stumblingblocks to the House of Prayer and the revealing will of God. People can be partially correct but not balanced. You can have all the necessary vitamins that your body needs, but one or two, and suffer serious consequences. People who isolate themselves from the other "joints that supply" dwarf and potentially damage the work of God. They will never understand "the fit" if they only keep to themselves or those just like themselves. And just as it takes male and female to reproduce, so does it take the mating of certain things to produce in the Kingdom. Like gender cannot reproduce. The Word encompasses all of life. It is the Word that brings life. The Word should never be compromised. The Word is not afraid of life.


The gifts of the Spirit must be stirred up. Sometimes we can get bored or complacent or steeped in traditions that hinder the work of God. Things can seem fine in the status quo when really they have become lukewarm and in danger of dying. A prophet must contend for their own faith as well as that which is good and productive and profitable for the Body of Christ.

Submitted with all due respects,

Pam Clark 4/23/97