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Pam Clark was called by God into the prophetic ministry in 1976, right after receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit while going to college in Huntsville, Texas.

God spoke to her then, in a peace that passes all understanding, and said, "I have called you to be a prophet, from the West to the East. I have put My words in your mouth. You will speak all that I command you and you will go all where I say go." And He spoke some other things as well, too awesome for her to understand.

Not comprehending, she declined and said, "No, Lord. Respectfully speaking, I am not worthy. It sounds nice, even glamorous-- but I hear they killed!!!" In a holy rebuke that instilled in her an awesome holy fear, He spoke to her, "YOU WILL SERVE ME OR YOU WON'T!!!"

Terrified of losing her relationship with the Lord, she said, "Yes, Lord, I will obey!" knowing that it might even mean her life. In her heart she said, "Lord, I need witnesses. I don't know anything about prophets. I will study and you will have to give me the 2 or 3 witnesses."

Time went on. She became active in church and in the Word and later moved back to her home in Houston. She studied quietly and told no one for years what had been spoken to her. She really just put those words on the shelf, so to speak.

As time did go by, there was a real move of God, a wave of His Spirit, that touched the Church in the late 70's and early 80's. Many would call it part of the Charismatic Renewal, but that particular renewal really began in the 60's with the Jesus Movement.

It really didn't matter to Pam what is was called. All she knew was that God had invaded her life with purpose and call and destiny and power and she was learning what to do with it!

Things were not easy, as many would say when coming into this new depth of the Spirit. Prayer had more power. Relationships took on new meanings. Old relationships had to be reconciled and new ones worked out. God demanded her time and first place in her life. And the enemy was there to challenge it all.

There were times that she fought it. More than one Bible was thrown away as she wrestled with the Spirit. Who was this Unseen Force that took over her life? It was none but the Spirit of God that made her look at many things she did not want to see and some that she did. His grace was so amazing. (She has since bought and given away many Bibles.)

Scripture came alive. God's purpose came alive in her as being her purpose. All of a sudden she is seeing "all these things wrong with the Church." What misery!

She was picking on the thing that she loved and cherished most in her life! "Oh, God," she would cry, "What is this critical spirit that I have??? People aren't liking me because of it and no one wants to hear what I have to say! What is going on???"

She went to different ministers to share her heart, but none of them seemed to have time or interest for her, or if they did, it was to set her up to get rid of her. They seemed to act like she was imposing her will on them when that was not what was in her heart at all. She just wanted them to see what God was showing her. So she toned it down a little bit. After all, she did want to please, but she also knew God would not allow her to deny what He had put in her, without repercussion.

But more and more she saw things that were not right. Finally she decided that she would start her own newsletter. It would be her own soapbox. That way she wouldn't be afraid of offending someone as representing them when she spoke what was on her heart and mind, for too many were thinking she was up to something strange or someone had put her up to this. She was just saying what she knew she had to say that she saw and heard it in the Spirit! (Just as Ezekiel, The word of the Lord came to me, saying...")

She was going to call it The Ministers' Magazine. She was doing a humble little layout, when the second confirmation came of her ministry. First a man (an older prophet) had prophesied to her in 1980 that she would prophesy for the Lord in a big way. But the second confirmation came when a lady had a dream and told her "I believe you are one of God's end time prophets! I saw your name in lights, and God said He was going to use you." ***note: I have not shared the part about the name in lights until now because I didn't want to sound like I was into self glorying, but as I was looking at my web site one day and seeing the light come out of the monitor screen, I thought: "This is it! My name is in lights!!!"

Knowing that that was the second confirmation that she had asked from the Lord years before, she knew it was time to launch out into her ministry, for His Word was her third Witness. The Lord told her not to call the newsletter The Ministers' Magazine but to call it The Prophet's Pen.

"Oh, God, if I do that, what will people think? They already think I'm nuts." The Lord replied, "Are you serving them or Me?"

In those days, prophets were not heard of, except in historical writings. There had been a lot of cults, even a friend of hers had been tragically ensnared, and she was not trying to promote any type of following; she just wanted the Word and the Truth, out! And God had told her to Get His Word Out!!!

Knowing that her life was not her own, and realizing even from studying that the prophet's walk was a lonely one, she ventured out and wrote her first newsletter in July of 1984. In it she sought to educate as well as admonish. She wanted to do it in love and she tried. Since God had told her to get His Word out, she collected addresses and began mailing them out.

The enemy saw this launching out as well and had sent a full fledged all out attack against her. Just before, in 1983, he hit her hard and everything she ever trusted seemed to be taken away from her. She lost friends and church relationships and family and finances, and even thought she lost her mind for while, but God was showing her that He alone was her Source. When there was nothing else to trust, she could trust in Him. Oh what a hard, but valuable lesson.

It was the very thing that caused her to risk it all and move out with the ministry. Since there was nothing else to lose and no one else to please and no where else to go, she could only turn to God. She knew the devil wasn't her friend, and she had no strength in herself, so God was all she had left, and she was right! As she bent her will to His, things began to get better and fall into place.

Many did think she was crazy with her newsletter but at the same time many were rejecting her, others were coming to her with grattitude, thanking her for saying things that needed to be said, thanking her for speaking out that things were not right, and thanking her for doing something to make things right in God. She had some good relationships (Christian friends) who didn't understand her at all, but stood by her. And they came to see it as her ministry calling.

Pam knew she didn't have all the answers, but she felt good that at least she was doing something to help the righteous cause of God. Oh, there were many fringe groups she probably could have joined, but that was not her purpose--to prove something to somebody. And the church seemed to only try to swallow her ministry or negate it. No, she wanted to prove something to God, to stand before her King unashamed and say "Lord, I did what I could. I did the best I knew." It was her life.

She had been seeking and she knew from prayer and intercession and travail the yearning that God had for His people. She knew God had a way, a desire, even a Plan and it was up to us, as His Chosen and His Church, to find it and get into it for the abundant life in Christ.

Most people thought of prophets as being ones who saw detailed events coming to pass in the near future. More people saw them as diviners rather than Kingdom builders. Things did not really come to her in a lot of futuristic detail, except that she would see visions of God's judgment and even war coming to the American nation if people did not repent. She just knew what God expected of His people and felt called to speak that out in obedience to Him.

She believed in hope, for God had saved her! She wanted others to know that peace that passes all understanding, and to know the Voice that could speak to your innermost man and flow like a river and current of fire and electricity.

She had experienced the fear of God that created the holy hush in her and also that that seemed like it would peel the paint off of the walls if released, and she had experienced the Presence of the love of God that was willing to lay down its life and pour His life's blood out for her. Oh, what an awesome God! Is there any end to His depths? He was so much greater than she.

In the obedience of doing the newsletter, she came into the understanding that she had been given an assignment. This was a life long assignment for as long as she was alive. It was the "office" call. There were many who tried to discredit her but they were only boxing with God. Where she failed, they were allowed to enter in and harrass, but where she was obedient and did the will of God, she could not be touched, except as He allowed it.

"Oh, God, don't you cut anybody any slack?!!!"

"No," was the answer.

Every month until 1995, she faithfully published The Prophet's Pen newsletter, and in 1995 she changed it to a bi-monthly publication because of the other new doors that God was opening up to her.

The first years held a lot of rejection by men, but the Spirit of God was sweet. She made mistakes and had many things to learn in the way of ministry, but her spirit always sought to please God and God has honored it.

Slowly as the mail out increased, so did the responses and the support as well as her personal character development. She still does not claim to know all there is, but does still seek to know her God and reveal her Messiah, her Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ in any way that she can to a lost and dying world and to a Church who has so much to offer and receive.

Pam considers herself a team member in Church leadership. She is learning and receiving as well as giving, for every member in the Body has their part to do. But her calling as a five fold ministry office call is one that is called to equip the Body for the work of the ministry and unify and edify the Church in the true Spirit of Christ and reject the counterfeit. (See Ephesians 4:11-16)

You will find past and present issues of The Prophet's Pen will posted here as well as other articles of interest. Please be patient as this site develops. Thank you for your prayers!