The Prophet's Pen by Pam Clark - March-April 1997

I am sorry this [hard copy] newsletter is coming is coming out so late. We had to wait on the finances (your gifts do make a difference) and then we had printing problems where some of it had to be redone, so for those of you who are so nice and tell me how much you really look forward to this--my apologies.

I have to mention again how incredible the Internet is again! Our mailing list has really exploded because of it and the personal contacts are so wonderful! I am doing a lot of personal ministry through it as well and it really saves on the long distance calls from Canada and Australia and the like.

So many say, “OH I could never learn the Internet!” But you can! If you could learn to drive a car, you can learn this. It’s just a matter of learning where all the buttons are. I have registered “hits” (accesses or visitors) to my site from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Finland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, United Kingdom, and of course, the United States.

There has been an uncommon (Hallelujah!) coming together of the Prayer Groups and Intercessors in this city and beyond. God is moving on that repentance and power of unity corporately. It is causing windows of opportunity that we must take advantage of NOW. I heard Mario Marillo speak on nations in crisis and that the choice God has for a nation like ours is war or Revival. I had to agree! There is no in-between. We are ripe for either one.

Do you know the spiritual signs of the times? There is an excellent article by Robert Holmes on that in this issue.

II Chroncles 32:31 speaks of Hezekiah, how “God left him, to try him, that He might know all that was in his heart.” I believe that God is doing that with us. What is in your heart???

One thing I tell the people at The Prophetic Alliance meetings over and over is that God can only go as far (in the move of His glory) as the most obedient persons. God is looking for people He can depend on to strategize His plan for our good and for overcoming the evil one. He will test you, He will try you and then He will plan accordingly.

It seemed after the scandals, He wiped the slate. Everyone had to regroup. It seemed we were so alone in our prayer closets. Then little by little, we began coming together again, two by two, then three by three, then small groups, which increased to larger, until we see the big convocations increasing and increasing. Glory Hallelujah! I will always respect Oral Roberts calling the ministers together for the International Charismatic Bible Ministries Conference during that crisis time. If ever we needed to find our unity and be refined, it was then.

People don’t realize how much one ministry affects another. Whether it’s supporting in the many ways one can support or mentoring, it all has a profound effect. Repentance can go a long way! The ministry is incredible. (Just save me my seat!) It is truly a strong minister-to-minister conference and the manna is RICH! It will be June 17-18-19 in Tulsa at the Mabee Center. A small part of it may be aired on TBN!

When God finds people He believes that He can count on, He moves forward with a Plan. I believe that He has His A team, B team and wannabes. The A team is proven. The B team is somewhat likely, but maybe not, and the wannabes are in the making and can turn tides and are being proved for future plans. If one on the A team falls, it hurts the whole plan unless a B team member comes through. And how do you know if it’s God? You know the works by the fruit! I encourage all ministers to come to the International Charismatic Bible Ministries conference.

The Prophetic Alliance meetings are going great! God is blessing and moving. I am thrilled with our upcoming speakers. God really does have a plan and His leadership people need to be lifted up. There’s a war on! God’s true leadership will equip others for ministry and for leadership in their gifts. I hope you enjoy the newsletter!

[You will want to see Robert Holmes article, which was also included as a feature article in this issue.]