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by Pam Clark (

    Joshua 18:1 And the whole congregation of the children of Israel assembled together at Shiloh, and set up the tabernacle of the congregation there. And the land was subdued before them.

Many of you may have seen the movie "China Cry" that was produced by TBN about the true story of Nora Lam (still alive today) who escaped from China during the communist takeover.

In the story, her father, a prominent medical doctor, was shamed and demoted and experimented on with drugs that eventually killed him, because he had virtue. All mention of God was taken out of the country, because it became a crime if one had any other god that their "great Chairman Mao." Nora had been exposed to the Christian faith in a Christian school she attended for a short time in her life, and the seeds of it grew up during these oppressions when she needed a God, and her life became a ministry for Jesus.

Not only was this story based on facts, but oppressions like this are happening all over the world, even in places that were one time Christian lands. One of the most moving parts of this movie for me was when the small group of Christians met in secret and sang worship hymns together by just moving their lips, for if their voices had made a noise, they would have been found out, and as it was, they were discovered and persecuted. Is just praising the Lord enough?

What freedoms we have today to pursue different avenues for our faith! How long will we be able to even keep these freedoms? Are Christians the Spiritual majority in our nation? Is our faith enough to overcome the evils? In obedience, yes, we could struggle and rise again, but it seems that enemy is having quite an aggressive run and our prayers are just barely holding it together.

One of the biggest hopes we have right now is houses of prayer. How desparately we need them. But to be honest with you, we are those houses of prayer. In years past, I longed for the day when I could go to a place that would worship God 24/7. They were raised up. I went pursuing the Spiritual "mecca", the holy place of God. But when I got there, for as good as it was and it is, I discovered the holy "place" was not there but in me. The best news is that people are moved to start these houses of prayer all over the nation and around the world. This WILL make the difference!

There is a battle of good versus evil going on. Connecting with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, is the ONLY way we can overcome the devil and his fellow fallen angels. Talking about the devil scares some people who would prefer not to focus there, because they can feel powerless. Others have life comfortable enough, and so really don't want to be bothered with thinking about evil. And a person can get jaded if the focus is on the evil and not the deliverance. Some close their eyes to the needs of others, but some just have enough problems without taking on more, or don't want to face it.

But the reality is that we are in this together and some in the Christian community are suffering - internally, externally, socially, nationally. The evil comes from Satan; the good and the deliverance comes from God.

This is why relationship with God is so important. How much we put in a relationship is often how much we get out of it. And all relationships, including your relationship with God has a force working against it. The Good News is, through Jesus, we overcome, but the degree we are able to partake is to the degree we are willing to expend ourselves and put forth our efforts for it.

The lazy man who does not plow in spring and tend the field will not reap in Harvest and will suffer during the winter lean times. The prophetic message has been: "Do you have your own oil?"

When you need to present yourself before the Bridegroom, do you have enough oil to show the expression of your strength in a way that will impress Him? He Himself proclaims: "If your righteousness does not exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees, you have no part in Me." The religious system, whatever it is, will not save you! It could be the hot cooking thing, you could be at the IHOP-J (International House of Prayer - Jerusalem) at the Third Temple of God but if you don't have your own oil, you can miss Him.

Houses of prayer, be they churches, buildings or gatherings, are good if they minister to the Lord. Because in ministering to Him, you are developing the influence of His relationship with you. His Spirit gets upon you and within you and ministers to you. But if He is not speaking to you, you can be at the holiest place in Jerusalem and miss Him.

I've been to holy places, it could be my local house of worship, "hot" places like Toronto, Colorado Springs, Pensacola, Kansas City, Portland, Los Angeles, anywhere a "move" is going on. Moves go on because seekers are moving! But the holy place is within you.

Some go and get something, and some go and don't. It depends on what they need! Some go and get frustrated because God didn't meet all their needs. The more I see of the heresy hunters who critique everyone but themselves, the more I discern people who want someone else's oil, because if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

What is "hot" for one, may or may not be for another. But what is "hot" within you is what God wants to do through you. Some need preparation but some just need plain old action to get them out of their complacency. Some are busy but are not busy for God. Some are searching, but some are not even seeking. How far do you think they will get?

Some may miss it by a country mile, but their efforts will be rewarded by God because they are doing it for Him. Many are mocked for trying, and the devil, the enemy of your SOUL will certainly donate his efforts to trip you up. Your focus must be on God!

Some want to organize "for God" but don't know God. This is why it's not "the place" but your heart that is holy. Some need round the clock prayer and worship for a season. Anna worshiped at the Temple day and night but no doubt did some ministry, too! Some need to hear the Word of God enough until it becomes life within them. Non-productive monastaries are not God's way, or you read a different Bible!

I just heard an awesome report about a man who was healed of cancer and heart and lung problems at one of the healing rooms. Why did he get healed? Lots of reasons, but the first one was that he sought it in God. The second reason, just as much a part of that, is that there were people who wanted to be part of the solution. The efforts of the true Body working together has rewards and benefits. God will heal in mercy and in compassion but He will do it based on relationship with Him. Otherwise, you may as well go to the doctor and get drugs that may or may not work. What matters? Your life in God!

An enemy to the healing rooms and houses of prayer are people who are seeking benefits without seeking God. They only come to take, not to give. These people are enemies to every minister. They judge and criticize because they don't see others meeting their needs. They aren't really seeking God's will for their lives. They just want to have an opinion. You know them by their fruit!

We all have weaknesses, but how we go about seeking help and solutions for our needs reflects our hearts. Sometimes people are doing all they know to do; other times, it's selfishness you see, but beauty is finding solutions that make you an expression of giving in whatever area your Spiritual talents and gifts take you. It doesn't have to be "a cookie cutter Christian" looking like everybody else, but it will fill a need and fit you into God's Plan with a fulfillment.

Even prophets can't seek God for you. They may have a word but they cannot fulfill you or seek God for you. Until you know His Book, and hear His Word, you won't find any fulfillment. You can try every other program there is! It won't get you there.

Some don't want to see that God has a plan of goodness and beauty. Some only want to see what pleases them and don't care about others. The kindness of God rains on the just and unjust alike, but the difference is that one will inherit life eternal and the other will not. If we gloat over our advantages or superiority, we may need to do a heart check!

Focus is the key to spiritual success. It's not about how others love you, it is about how you love God and how that is expressed to others. There is reward and there is sacrifice in the Christian life. You can't have one without the other. Some are so focused on the sacrifice, they worship at the altar of pain and self abasement and call that God when it is not. That is not balanced. Some worship at the altar of self pleasure and are indifferent to the sacrifices others have made for them in their expressions of love. They are Spiritually blind. Faith in God is the reward for what the world's eyes cannot discern.

Enoch walked with God and was not one day for God took him. He got so close to God in his heart that one day he was just gone. There is a Rapture generation that will walk like that. They will get so close to God that one day they are just "gone" and people will wonder where they went. Some would go now by their love for Him, but service is yet required. I love to worship, it's my favorite place to be, but in that worship I still hear Him say, "I have a Plan and I want you to be in it. I have things for you to do." When I've done it, I am ready to go! Those who fear death often are in rebellion to God's true plan for them or do not know Jesus. Some just fear the enemy stopping what is in their hearts to do.

How much of God do you want? If you say you want a lot, then you must be willing to give and serve. You must be willing to give of yourself to others. You must want to share the Kingdom through the establishment of His Word in the earth in the lives of others. This expression will have physical manifestations but those physical manifestations are not "the way" to God. It just means that someone else on their way has been there and you might learn something that will assist you. There are no "holy places" except within you. Knowing Jesus is the Way.

I thought Marsha Burns ( had a good word recently:

Disregard disappointment. It is nothing more than a fantasy unfulfilled. You had an expectation that did not come from the realm of reality; it was planted in your heart by a lying spirit. The lusts of your own flesh opened the door to the power of deception. Now forgive yourself for falling into a trap of deceit, and move ahead in actuality.

Be content with such things as I have given you, and refuse to focus on your desires. If you will truly seek first the kingdom of God and righteousness, all that you need will be given to you. But, if you seek first to fulfill your own needs and desires, you are on your own.

Hebrews 13:5 Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

He can be found!